Welcome to Vancouver 2010

Nobody knew it, but I’m at the Olympics. Let me show you around!


  1. Note the Olympic Rings.  That’s the flag.  Flags are necessary when it comes to the Olympics.  You can’t see it in this picture, but Gabe has a printout of the Olympic flag taped to his chest and a printout of the Canadian flag taped to his back.  There are also other printouts taped in various places around my house.  I’d like to say Gabe drew these rings, but it wouldn’t be true.  I did.  It’s possible I have the artistic skills of a young child.
  2. Note Gabe’s head.  If you were to suggest he was wearing a hat and a pair of safety goggles, you would be wrong.  He is wearing a helmet and ski goggles.  Big difference.
  3. Also note Gabe’s shirt.  Olympians wear colorful shirts.  (??)  I wrongly got out a yellow shirt with a bright white, blue, and red sailboat on the front of it.  This was wrong.  Olympians wear colorful shirts that are striped. Like, duh!
  4. Note each cluster of Olympians.  Specifically, we have Chinese athletes, Canadian athletes, American athletes, and Russian athletes.  His choice.  When we watched the Opening Ceremonies (which Gabe believes should be called the Opening Ceremony because there was only one ceremony) he begged to stay up until Russia walked in.  Yes, Russia.  No, I have no idea why he was waiting for Russia.Also, in this picture note the fact that Gabe himself is standing on the Canadian podium.  Along with Tahd.  I’m on China’s.  Earlier in the day I had done something (written on his whiteboard) in a way he didn’t like.  Being on China’s team was my consequence.

    Gabe has finally decided to embrace his Canadian roots. Hence he’s on the Canadian Olympic team rather than the US team.  A lesser known fact is that if a Canadian citizen born on Canadian soil has a child in another country, the Canadian citizenship of the parent automatically passes to the child.  Because I was born in Canada, even though Gabe was born in the United States he automatically receives Canadian citizenship in addition to his American citizenship.  I think this is very cool.  Until the Olympics, Gabe has found this fact to be akin to a heritage of mass murderers.  Tell him he’s Canadian and he would scream vehemently, “I AM NOT CANADIAN!”  Now – all thanks to the Olympics – he is Canadian and proud.  He even knows the Canadian national anthem, top to bottom.  Does a maple leaf girl’s heart proud!

  5. I’m sorry, Russia.  You have no medals.  Evgeni Plushenko, take that!
  6. That little thing below the USA’s podium?  That’s not a donut, no.  That’s a speed skating rink.   The USA won its medals in speed skating.
  7. See that little thing sticking up out of the stick-man’s head?  That’s actually a gun strapped to the athlete’s back a la the biathlon.  Canada won its medals for the biathlon.  Go, Canada!
  8. If you look carefully, you’ll note the letters “BLNT” over the Canadian silver medalist’s head (who is Tahd, by the way).  I had to ask Gabe what they stood for.  I kid you not, this is what he said:

    Better luck next time!

    It is taking everything in me not to add the word “sucker” to his vocabulary.

So welcome to Vancouver 2010.  I hope you enjoyed your tour!

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  1. Heidi, I am so glad I was not drinking when I read this post. Likely, my screen would have worn it. Laughing SO hard here!

    Go Gabe.
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..In the Wake of the Quiet… =-.

  2. that is STINKIN’ AWESOME!!! you have a creative little genius here!!

    thanks for sharing!! LOVE IT!! 🙂

  3. I LOVE THIS!!! Gabe has got to be the smartest kid alive!

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