I don’t intend to do this, but sometimes I think I end up projecting a reality that isn’t entirely representative of how I actually live. I was reading a blog today where the author said something about her blog being her family’s scrapbook. Try as I might to keep up on my actual scrapbooking, it’s much more accurate to say my blog is my family’s scrapbook! So in the interest of keeping it real and of capturing the actualities of our life, I have a few confessions to make. 🙂

  • When Gabe was about a year old, I had approximately 2000 unscrapped pictures of him.  It has always been my intention to catch up. Really?  I just stopped ordering pictures so I wouldn’t feel so behind.  The last set of chronological pictures I ordered was in 2006.Ack.
  • The week after we found out I was pregnant, I changed the sheets on my bed.  I’m quite certain I haven’t changed them since them.Ew.
  • I am seriously considering spending $130 on a trash can. Our city implemented a new recycling program that streamlines the recycling process.  However, in the process it means we have to reorganize how we sort of recyclables at home.  What I need is a trash can with two compartments.  Hence the $130 – Container Store has the exact model I need at this price!  And it’s on sale – down from a regular $190, which you can also purchase for $245 at Williams Sonoma.  However, of all the things on which I could spend $130, do I really want to buy a trash can?  Surely there must be another alternative!
  • I use my doppler three times a day.  I cut down to twice if I’m having a particularly good day.
  • Gabe and I both wore the same shirt four days in a row.  Not the exact same shirt – he wore his and I wore mine.  But we each repeated those shirts for four consecutive days.Lazy much?

  • Salespeople come to our door.  I don’t know what to say to them. So I ask them to come back when Tahd is home. Tahd loves this.

  • I am so far behind on my emails I fear I will never catch up.  There are 100 messages in my inbox, as well as 70 in other specific inboxes like Facebook. I try and try and try to get to them all, but I literally can’t keep up.  I don’t think it’s because I get an inordinate number of messages – I think I just get inefficient when I’m anxious.
  • And my most favorite?  Gabe told us he hopes he has a sister because then it will be like he’s  married. Uh, yeah.
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  1. all of that made me smile! i love your blog!
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..stinking dairy queen =-.

  2. Seriously … change your sheets! teehee

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