Dear Gabe

at night

when you are asleep

and our whole world is quiet

and it is very, very late

and very, very dark

I sneak into your room

and lean down over your bed



that my nose touches your cheek

and I leave it there

until I catch the rhythmic cadence

of your breath




and I leave my nose by your cheek a little longer

so I can drink in your sleepy scents

and soak up your youth

and bask in the sweetness of your spirit

until my tiredness overtakes me

and I have to leave

and crawl into my own bed

and fall asleep for perfect night dreams

where you

and I

and dad

can hardly stand how happy we are

simply because we are


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  1. allison norris says:

    I do this too although my son is on the top bunk and it is hard…I wish he was in a regular bed so I could do it better 🙂

  2. Okay, seriously? This is fabulous! Simply fabulous. You must submit it somewhere for publication. Any mother can relate to this and it is so heartfelt and lovely!!!
    .-= RenovationGirl´s last blog ..Um- Hi =-.

  3. I so agree with “Renovation Girl”- This is so beautifully written – such a treasured keepsake!! I love you, Hon!! You are an awesome Mom to that precious boy!!

  4. I do this too. I’m still lucky enough to sleep with Tucker so I can nuzzle his sleepy head every night.

  5. beautiful

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