Songs After A Miscarriage or Loss of a Baby

The poetry of music takes me places simple words can’t.  When I first miscarried Mara, I found incredible comfort in sound.  Sound kept me connected to the outside world, preventing me from getting lost inside my head.  It was a bonus when the sound was melodic or meaningful.  I combed the internet for lists of songs about miscarriage or the loss of a child, and I found many gems among the lists.  As time has gone on, particular songs have become very meaningful to me, mostly because of how they make me feel when I hear them.  Some of the songs I found in my initial search and some of the songs I stumbled onto on my own.  But these are my favorites, the ones that make me smile and feel comforted when they play.

  1. Glory Baby (Watermark) – this is one of the few songs actually about miscarriage.  It’s a lovely image.
  2. Home (Nicol Sponberg) – this song compels me like no other.  The imagery in it – the idea of my baby waking up in the morning cradled by the Creator of the Universe – is incredibly moving and powerful.  It’s sung by a woman who lost her own 8-week-old baby several years ago.  I don’t know how she sang the song as beautifully as she did.  It leaves me in puddles.
  3. From This One Place (Sara Groves) – I actually found this song before we got pregnant, but it has become more meaningful to me throughout this experience.  It talks about how God sees the whole picture of my life, not just the situations I can see at any one moment in time.
  4. I Will Carry You (Selah) – I’ve been listening to this song for a year or two now, but the first time I listened to it after I lost Mara it took my breath away.  It talks about how your child will always live in your heart, even after they’ve left this world.
  5. This Woman’s Work (several different artists, but I like the Greg Laswell version) – I’m told this song is about child birth, but I found it particularly appropriate and haunting.  It’s a very pretty song.
  6. By Heart (Jim Brickman and Anne Cochran) – This is another song I’ve know about for a long time.  We thought about having it at our wedding, but something seemed a bit sad about it.  Hearing it after Mara made it all make sense, at least to me.  It is pure loveliness.
  7. In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning (various artists) – It’s a classic, but it’s surprisingly appropriate when facing a significant loss.
  8. There You’ll Be (Faith Hill) – I find it a little corny and melodramatic, but it makes me happy anyway.  The lyrics are lovely.
  9. Keep Breathing (Ingrid Michaelson) – not entirely appropriate, but it did find comfort in the repetitive lyrics of “all we can do is keep breathing.”
  10. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (IZ) – I love this song.  For many more reasons that this, but it makes me think happy thoughts.
  11. Your Hands (JJ Heller) – I love this singer’s voice; it sounds so honest to me.  I also really enjoy the sentiment that even when my world is falling apart there’s something bigger and more stable underneath it all.
  12. Held (Natalie Grant) – I’ve mentioned this song before and actually found it too overwhelming to listen to for quite a while, but I’ve added it to my playlist again and have been enjoying it.  I wish I understood more about the apparent injustices in the world and why God chooses to let things unfold as they do.
  13. Before the Morning (Josh Wilson) – Good song.  It kind of deals with the same idea as the song Held, but it’s different and direct and I like it.
  14. Fix You (Coldplay) – These were the lyrics that got me: “Tears stream down your face/when you lose something you cannot replace.”  The entire song is good, but those were the lyrics that stood out to me.
  15. I Will Love You (Fisher) – “‘Til my body is dust/’til my soul is no more/I will love you.”  Could it be anymore perfect than that?
  16. Find My Way Back Home (Priscilla Ahn) – This is what I would have imagined singing to my baby had I know what was going to happen.
  17. Beauty From Pain (Superchick) – This is what I imagine Mara would want me to be saying to myself right now: “After all this has passed, I still will remain/after i’ve cried my last, there’ll be beauty from pain/though it won’t be today, someday i’ll hope again/and there’ll be beauty from pain.”
  18. Slipped Away (Avril Lavigne) – This is one of the most appropriate songs I found.  I don’t think it’s supposed to be about miscarriage, but since we knew the exact day when Mara left us the lyrics fit really well.

I’m always taking recommendations for new songs!  Feel free to share if you have other suggestions.

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  1. A great song for those with miscarriage or fertility issues:

    I Would Die For That – Kellie Coffey

    I cry each time I hear the words: “What I want most before my time is gone, is to hear the words, I love you Mom”

    Kellie wrote this song after having a miscarriage in 2005.

    Thank you for your song list – this is one of the most complete ones I’ve seen out there!!

    • Thank you for posting this song…It really sums up exactly how I feel. I’ve had a miscarriage and have had trouble getting pregnant. This song is exactly what I am going through…Thanks again.

    • I lost my first child, Jakob, to a heart defect at 20 days old. Those lyrics “what I want most before my time is gone, is to hear those words, I love you Mom” make me cry too. I will never here those words from him.

    • gone too soon by daughtry is a song I listen to in remembrance of my son who was with us for 7 days.

  2. WillHopeAgain says:

    “Cover Me” by FFH.

  3. RaNette Free says:

    Hey – Just wondering where I can find the song called “Home” by Nicol Sponberg? Sounded awesome, but I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks 🙂

  4. Ed Sheeran has a song called Small Bump and it’s beautifully written. This is a wonderful list, thank you so much.

  5. You’ll Be In My Heart- Celtic Woman. About a parents love for their child.
    My Name – George Canyon. This song was specificaly wrotten for a still born child and I’m always in tears within the first few seconds of the song.

  6. RyanDan – Tears of An Angel
    Jeff Bates – If You Could See Me Know
    Britney Spears – My Baby
    Britney Spears – Someday (I Will Understand)
    Kellie Coffey – I Would Die For That
    Kelly Clarkson feat. Kara DioGuardi – The Sun Will Rise
    Shane & Shane – The One You Need
    Martina McBride – Anyway
    Building 429 – Where I Belong

    These are some of my favorites after losing our daughter, Crimsyn Molli, at 16 weeks 2 days gestation. We were so prepared that as soon as we found out we were pregnant we bought a $2700 nursery furniture set. Then when we found out her gender we spent over $150 on dresses, tutus, shoes, headbands, etc. She passed away because I suffer from a progesterone deficiency and a blood clotting disorder. She was 100% healthy and there was not one chromosome out of place. We miss her, her Daddy especially does. R.I.P. Crimsyn Molli

    • I lost my son from a blood clotting disorder as well. His chromosomes were fine, but they found a few blood clots that cut off his oxygen. I’ve had a hard time not blaming myself because I feel my body betrayed my little grayson. I’m sorry for your loss.

  7. Laura Story – Blessings

    So beautiful!

  8. LiZa Marie says:

    Avril Lavigne wrote that song when her grandfather died. Random fact.

    I had my first miscarriage today(in history class, god was it awful), its probably better this was, seeing as I’m only 18, but its still so hard. I ‘ll definitely be getting each of these songs. Thank you <3

  9. Daughtry – Gone too soon. Perfect song. “I’m always asking why this crazy world had to lose such a ray of light we never knew,
    Gone too soon” “Today could have been the day that you blow out your candles, Make a wish as you close your eyes.
    Today could have been the day everybody was laughing,
    Instead I just sit here and cry,
    Who would you be? What would you look like when you looked at me for the very first time?”

    yeah. Perfect song.

  10. I still love you bye deestylistics. I just had a miscarriage last week so far the worst exsperience of my life.

  11. Bailey says:

    these songs are beautiful and so helpful. I found out i was pregnant at 16 and i was so terrified that my body went into shock and lost the baby. it was horrible and im still hurting and although i know God has a plan, and i know that it would have been a long, rough road, i just hope that my child’s life went to a happily married couple who struggles with infertility and i hope that the sorrow i am feeling can make someone else happy. thank you for the song list

  12. Hello, Goodbye by Michael W. Smith is the song that kept playing in my head when I was grieving the loss of my Chloe on the day of delivery.

  13. Michelle says:

    Wonderful list! Thank you for posting. I have lost four children to miscarraige, each child perfectly healthy, each time being further along than the last, only to lose hope in the end (also have a blood clotting disorder, progesterine deficiency, and a chromosome disorder all things I had no idea existed before losing a child). I have been blessed, thanks to God and some wonderful doctors, to have 2 beautiful healthy children. But, I still have days where I can’t get the loss out of my mind. These songs tend to make those days more bearable.

  14. Thank you for the list. It’s helped a lot, especially ‘I will carry you.’
    I lost my first baby at the young age of 14 at 8 weeks pregnant. Then again yesterday at 16 years old – 3 weeks pregnant.
    It’s been hard but as everyone says ‘everything happens for a reason.’
    Just wish you weren’t taken so soon. I love you and miss you my sweet angels, rest in peace.

    • I know how you feel Lauren, I was 13 when I got pregnant. I had a miscarriage at almost 4 months.Even worse, it was on the day of my mothers wedding day. If you want to talk sometime my email is For support.

      • I lost my LO at 11 weeks when I was 12 and before that, I didn’t know I had a baby, and I didn’t want one, and I hadn’t wanted the sex that led to his conception in the first place but when I held him for the first and final few seconds, I realised how much I loved him. People often complain about teenage pregnancies but what they don’t understand is how a miscarriage can happen to anyone and it is devastating whether you are an adult with a career and husband etc. or you are a scared young girl with your whole life ahead of you and no support.

        • I completely know how you feel. I was 13 when I was pregnant with triplets, and I didn’t want them because of the way I became pregnant with them, but it was life-changing when I held the two that survived. I miscarried the third at 12 weeks. If you would like to talk about it with someone who has gone through the same thing, my email is

    • I am sorry I am 35 i was carrying my first child i was 8 weeks was looking forward to being a mom for the first had my miscarriage on Tuesday it hurts i wanted to really have this child

  15. Mandisa’s “you wouldn’t cry for me” has given me great encouragement through my recent miscarraige. I believe she started singing it after a friend had a stillborn baby. My favorite part is “Jesus holds me now” and then a few lines later ” he is holding you too”

  16. Thank you so much for everyone posting these songs. It has been two months since my miscarriage but it is the first thought in my mind when i wake up and the last before i go to sleep. I guess these things just take time.

  17. I just had my first miscarriage. Doctor said it’ll just keep happening again and again. I can’t carry a child. These songs haunt me. I love them. But they make me my weakest.

  18. Many of these songs have brought tears to my eyes and I wish I had found them earlier.
    My 1st daughter was stillborn at 24 weeks (no medical reason ever found) 7 years ago and these songs were what I needed.
    I have a healthy and lively boy and girl now (which I am thankful for and who I love/cherish), but my first is always with me in my heart and I often think of her.
    Thank you for these songs and to others who posted songs, they are truly lovely songs.
    I left the hospital after the birth of my 2nd child (girl) on the exact 6th anniversary day of my 1st daughters birth/death. It brought a shade of happiness to that dark day.
    These songs are just so beautiful in their sad way. Even 7 years later, 2 healthy kids later those songs still brought me to tears. Those songs provoke memories like it was only yesterday.

    I’m so glad I found this site with these songs, thank you.

    My heart goes out to all of you who have lost a baby/child.

  19. thank you so much for posting this list. I had a miscarriage on 5/19/12 at 8w 3d. these songs have made me cry but also brought me comfort.

  20. 5/18/12* (stupid little keypad)

  21. Blane Brazier says:


    My name is Blane Brazier and my wife and I are grieving the loss of our baby Sophie Grace. The anniversary of her loss was three years ago this past tuesday. During my mourning I began writing music and decided to go into the studio and make an entire album devoted to strickly telling my story and healing that God has done in my heart. I also work in the hospice field so I wrote a song that helps people give hope to others when we know God’s love is bigger than our loss. The album can be purchased at or you can email me at and I’ll mail you a copy if you are short on funds. I believe our story can help you and maybe you know someone it can help. Blessings.

  22. What about good ol’ Slowhand?
    Eric Clapton- Tears in Heaven.

    In my opinion one of the best songs ever written.

  23. Yellowcard- ten is the perfect song….this song makes me tear up but its gotten me through many difficult days 6/13/09…you would be three. I’m seriously convinced that this never gets easier.

  24. I didn’t want a family, not when I miscarried; my baby was the product of non-consensual sex and I didn’t even know I had him until I lost him in a toilet cubicle at about 11 weeks gestation, when I was twelve. It’s a grief beyond compare and ever since then I’ve imagined him, named him, grown him inside my head. One of my favourite songs since losing him has been ‘Oblivion’ by the new band Bastille. The whole song is lovely but here are a few of the best lyrics:

    “When you fall asleep with your head upon my shoulders, when you’re in my arms, but you’ve gone somewhere deeper” — this reminds me of holding him for the few seconds I did, but I knew he’d gone to a much deeper sleep than I could wake him from.

    “Are you going to age with grace? Are you going to age without mistakes?/Are you going to leave a path to trace?”

    “When you play it hard and I try to follow you there, it’s not about control, but I turn back when I see where you go.” — this for me is about me trying to follow him, but I have to turn back when I see that he’s gone somewhere I can’t (like Heaven maybe).

    A couple of others are these:
    Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel) – Billy Joel (but try the King’s Singers version)
    Christmas in Heaven – my favourite version is by Joe Schany
    Smallest Wingless – Craig Cardiff (“Sadness is just love wasted with no little heart to place it inside”)
    In the Bleak Midwinter – the Holst arrangement is gorgeous and the middle verse is so fitting (“enough for him whom cherubim..”)
    Mary Did You Know – Clay Aiken (actually about Jesus, but it made me think of my baby)
    You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban (I like the Westlife version too)
    Baby Mine – from Dumbo
    Sydämeni Laulu – Sibelius (this is in Finnish but the poem is by Aleksis Kivi and English translations are quite easy to find. It is gorgeous, a part song for a choir, written as a lullaby for his baby daughter when he lost her)
    The Letter – from ‘Billy Elliot’, written as a letter from his dead mother to him but it could work as a letter from a living mother to a passed child. Tears me up x

    I hope you find something you like amongst these 🙂

  25. i lost my son a few days before i went into labor and didnt even know til i went into labor the 14th of may, 2012 and go to the hospital. he was born on my due date, may 15th, 2012 at 7lbs 11oz 21inches and i still dont fully know what went wrong, he was so healty and had a strong heartbeat. there were lots of songs i listened to that made me feel “alittle” better but only one really stuck with me. “Precious Child – by Karen Taylor-Good” this is such a great song. and “Heavens got another angel – by Gordon True” another great song. never fails to make me cry.

  26. Forever by rascal flatts
    <3 my angel came into the world sleeping two weeks ago tomorrow … I am no where close to healing from this … I separated from my hubby a month ago… And NONE of this is ok 🙁 my heart is broken
    Rest in peace my sweet angel Sarah <3

    • Janice,

      You are right, none of this is okay.
      I feel bad, broken, angry, sad, …. and I’m afraid to talk to my wife about this, as I don’t want to stir that pain up again.
      The day you posted your message we saw on the echo that the heart had stopped beating. After 9 weeks of pregnancy. He/She would have been our first child ….


  27. Thank you for compiling this list. I just found out I had a missed miscarriage yesterday. I am looking forward to looking up these songs in the hopes that they will help with grieving and healing.

  28. I love Gone too soon by Daughtry

  29. Beam Me Up – P!nk

    There’s a whole ‘nother conversation going on
    In a parallel universe.
    Where nothing breaks and nothing hurts.
    There’s a waltz playin’ frozen in time
    Blades of grass on tiny bare feet
    I look at you and you’re lookin’ at me.

    Could you beam me up,
    Give me a minute, I don’t know what I’d say in it
    I’d probably just stare, happy just to be there, holding your face
    Beam me up,
    Let me be lighter, I’m tired of being a fighter,
    I think a minute’s enough,
    Just beam me up.

    Saw a blackbird soarin’ in the sky,
    Barely a breath I caught one last sight
    Tell me that was you sayin’ goodbye,
    There are times I feel the shiver and cold,
    It only happens when I’m on my own,
    That’s how you tell me I’m not alone

    Could you beam me up,
    Give me a minute, I don’t know what I’d say in it
    I’d probably just stare, happy just to be there, holding your face
    Beam me up,
    Let me be lighter, I’m tired of being a fighter,
    I think a minute’s enough,
    Just beam me up.

    In my head I see your baby blues
    I hear your voice and I, I break in two and now there’s
    One of me, with you

    So when I need you can I send you a sign
    I’ll burn a candle and turn off the lights
    I’ll pick a star and watch you shine

    Just beam me up,
    Give me a minute, I don’t know what I’d say in it
    I’d probably just stare, happy just to be there, holding your face
    Beam me up,
    Let me be lighter, I’m tired of being a fighter,
    I think, a minute’s enough,
    Beam me up
    Beam me up
    Beam me up
    Could you beam me up.

  30. Thankyou!!! I’ve been getting annoyed at the lack of public acknowledgement of this… music is just what I need to help heal.

  31. UV Indigo says:

    I just had my second miscarriage in 4 months. I was about 6 weeks with both. With both I had many signs and dreams of triplets. I just found out I was pregnant on February 1st, 2014. I conceived on Christmas of last year. I was so happy, I didn’t think I would miscarry twice. I was so thankful to God for giving me another opportunity. I lost my babe/s before I could even get my first ultrasound.

    These songs have helped me but I have a thread of hope that somehow the souls of my babes will come back to me.

    I feel blessed to have experienced such a profound love that I’ve never felt before with this pregnancy. It was there and gone too soon, but I am happy I could feel that kind of love at all even for such a short time. My babes remained close to me and communicate with me in my dreams. I haven’t had any dreams yet about this last miscarriage though. Hopefully soon.

    My partner says I randomly woke up and screamed in the middle of the night last night. I’m not sure why.

    I hope all the mommy’s out there will remain hopeful that their babies are always with them forever even if you can’t physically see them.

    My own mama says that sometimes these things happen because we need extra angels in our lives but may not realize it.

    Maybe she told me this to make me feel better about everything that happened, but I do believe it.

    I also believe that the same soul of a baby can come back in a later pregnancy. Remain hopeful ladies. You are mamas even if you never physically see your babies.

    My grandma miscarried 3 sets of twins, had one set that lived and had 6 other children on top of that. Its a long hard road sometimes but always worth it.

    love & light <3

  32. “Come To Jesus” – Mindy Smith
    “Come To Jesus (Untitled Hymn)” – Chris Rice
    “The Scientist” – Coldplay
    “Bring On The Rain” – Jo Dee Messina
    “Seasons” – Nichole Nordeman
    “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” – Lauren Hill & Tanya Blount

    I lost my Little One, Lailah, about 4 weeks in to my first pregnancy. My husband and I were told we’d probably never be able to conceive… I was sexually assaulted a few years ago, and sustained significant and permanent nerve damage and scarring. About one hour after our positive test, the bleeding started and we rushed to the ER to find out we were losing the baby. It all happened so fast… these songs and “Held” by Natalie Grant help me a lot. You are all in my thoughts and prayers, and from the bottom of my heart, I am so very sorry for your loss.

  33. “Pieces” – Red
    “Your Guardian Angel” – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    “You’re Not Alone” – Saosin
    “Alibi” – 30 Seconds To Mars

    I looove these songs. Especially Pieces and Alibi. <3

  34. Ashley Smith says:

    Hello my name is Ashley,I’m 22 years old I found out two days ago I had a miscarriage from a ectopic pregnant.Apparently my fiance and I had concievedvin November and I lost it in januraury,I had no idea I was pregnant.I wish I would have known,just to see my baby once.These songs are really helping me through it,I’m even really sure I have the right to grieve.But I miss my baby so much and I can feel a piece of me missing.

  35. sammie ... says:

    I found out I had I misscarried my baby on april 10 …and delived yesterday …I’m hurting so much …the way I got pregnant is something I don’t talk about …but the pregnancy kinda gave it meaning …nd now ..I’m so lost idk what I’m going todo …I ..don’t have anyone …not close. ..

  36. Veronica says:

    My name is Veronica..I’m 20 years old..I got pregnant early this year..I was so inlove with this man but was afraid that my life would stop because of this child and I wasn’t ready to be a mother God knows how much I still need to sort out on my own..My boyfriend didn’t want the baby because he too felt he wasn’t ready to be a father..We fought so much about this and it really caused me so much stress and heart ache..I’d stay up crying every night thinking what I was going to do..I decided to keep it after all and began playing around with the idea of holding him in my arms..07 of March 2014..I lost my angel..I started bleeding 2 days prior but never paid any attention to it..Too afraid of what I would find out..When I got to the doctor he told me my baby had died inside me and I couldn’t save it..My heart was torn apart..I felt a part of me die with him..I thought God was punishing me because I didn’t want him in the 1st place..I hated myself..I hated him..And I guess it didn’t help that a month later my boyfriend decided to cheat on me and be with another woman so I lost him too..I’m in such a dark place..I don’t know how to get out..But I recently came accross Beyonce’s_Heaven and I immedietly fell inlove with it..Its giving me a sense of peace and helping me come to terms with my loss..Ed Sheeran_Small bump is also a beautiful song..Thank you all for making me realise that I’m not alone and hopefully one day I’ll believe that its not my fault..

  37. Britney says:

    Beam me up- pink
    very appropriate <3

  38. Kate Miller-Heidke and Passenger – Share Your Air

  39. Hello Goodbye Michael W Smith

  40. I lost my baby Jaxon on the 19/11/2014 he was born at 21 weeks due to a placental abruption the moment I realized I was losing him was heartbreaking. these songs are all amazing and ill be using “glory baby” and a song called “smallest and wingless”- craig Cardiff for his funeral.

  41. I recently lost my son on 9-19-14. I was 8 months pregnant. These songs have kept me moving. Thank you so much.

  42. A song that gets me every time is Ten, by Yellowcard. I couldn’t tell the father until after almost two years what had happened. He made me listen to that, and I bawled my eyes out. Definitely a song for those who understand telling or be told after it was said and done. Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to it, and think of my little angel.

  43. Chelsey Bennett says:

    One More Day – Rocket Club

    Thank you for this song list.

  44. One More Day – Rocket Club

  45. Jessica tovar says:

    I just had my first miscarriage feb 6 2015. I was 7 weeks. It hurt so bad seeing as how I have already given birth to two beautiful healthy children! This baby was going to be my family’s last piece to our puzzle!! We had been trying for months and finally it was here!! I was so excited!! From the moment of my first appointment I knew something wasn’t right. Blood work after blood work ultra sound after ultra sound I felt my baby slipping away. I couldn’t put into words the heart brake I was feeling. I pulled away. I never heard a heart only one sonogram of my baby healthy. Gone too soon by daughtry pretty much put it into words for me! As well as hold him once for me. Thanks for the songs.
    Fly high my angel!

  46. Gary Barlow – let me go. It was playing on the radio the day I had my 1st mc and I couldn’t stop singing it during my 2nd. The words just get me every time

  47. Beam me up -P!nk

  48. All songs mean a lot to me when it comes to losing a child. I lost mine nearly 3 years ago. I was 18 weeks pregnant and 16 years old when I lost my little girl. I haven’t heard many of these songs but i know I will listen to them all eventually.

  49. Jonny Ross says:

    my wife had a miscarriage just 2 days ago were are still in shock and heartbroken. I’m in tears reading all these comments and haven’t even got to the songs yet. ?

  50. “The Child Is Gone” by Fiona Apple.

    Fair warning… it’s not so much happy inspirational… but it’s really good for releasing emotions and getting out all the anger and hurt inside. I listen to it on repeat.

  51. Thy will- Hillary Scott written while she was going through a miscarriage.

  52. Disturbed-My child

  53. Lemar – call me daddy

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  56. Robin Bishop says:

    I need you now by Plumb

  57. Thank you so much for sharing these songs. Very thoughtfully compiled and I’ve listened to each and every one.

    Itty Bitty Beats’ songs “Soaring Through Skies” and “The Last Lullaby” were specifically written for baby loss and are on Spotify and Youtube…they are free to download at CD Baby and

    It’s so important that we talk about our angels xxx

  58. Thank you for this beautiful list. I would like to add “Once You Come Home” by Mother Black Cat. Their singer Anika has a very hopeful understanding of this horrible situation. I found it very helpful.

  59. Joshua Kennedy says:

    I just released a music video about my wife’s miscarriage. She sang the chorus for it. Feel free to check it out and share if you like it.


  1. […] lyrics – written for a friend who had miscarried – are sensitively written. I also discovered this list of songs directly or indirectly about pregnancy loss.  I’ll close with this, though, it’s an […]

  2. chris daughtry over you

    Songs After A Miscarriage or Loss of a Baby – slightly cosmopolitan

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