Weekend Review

We’re nearly all the way through our weekend and Tahd has left again for his next work adventure so it feels like a good time to take stock.

1.  My feet feel happier – and by extension I feel happier – when I am not wading through inches of crumbs.  It’s easy for me to let the vacuuming go.  If you put on socks, you can’t feel the crumbs!  But the feeling of socklessly gliding across a smooth, crumbless floor is good, a small pleasure not to be ignored.  Cheers to clean floors and vacuum cleaners!

2.  I still haven’t finished redecorating from when I undecorated the Christmas stuff.  This fact is getting really old.  Why is it that I can’t look an arrangement-o-crap and decide whether or not I like it?  Or look at an arrangement-o-crap I don’t like and figure out why I don’t like it?  Am I that out of touch with myself?  Apparently, because my dining room table continues to be covered by random home decor items I’ve tried out in a hundred places in a thousand combinations.

For example, here’s my piano.  I hate this arrangement:


So I moved things around. I might like this better.  Maybe.

Or not.  But that’s what it looks like right now.

3.  The thing I hate most about Tahd traveling?  If we have a good week while he’s gone, it means there’s going to be an adjustment period when he comes home.  Gabe and I get in a groove of doing things on our own, and sometimes it’s hard to add a third person into a mix.  Tahd has his own solo groove going, and I can only imagine how annoying it is for him to have to account for Gabe’s and my silly antics.   Said adjustment period involves arguments and general irritation until we’ve retooled our expectation of “normal.”   Such was this weekend.  It was fun and I’d far rather have Tahd home than gone, but we also had our share of “adjustment blues.”  Given the fact that Tahd is traveling nearly every week in the near future, I anticipate a lot of “adjustment blues.”  We need to find a way to adjust with smiles instead of frowns.

4.  I’m going into my third week of being sick.  The Infection From The Pit Of Hell is beginning to return from whence it came.  Which would be my lungs. In spite of the fact that I have been on every medication known to man, there seems to be an impressive amount of junk lingering in the recesses of my lungs.  Interestingly, Gabe also seems to be getting sicker rather than better, too.  Do you think they’ll comp our next visit at the walk-in clinic if we go back?

Yeah.  Me neither.

5.  When Gabe was 2 we watched Cars every day.  Sometimes twice a day.  Really, it’s miraculous that he can do anything other than stare at the television in a trance given how much screen time he logged during that year.  He watched the movie so many times we wore it out.  He got a new one for Christmas but hadn’t cracked it out.  Until today.  I’m loving it!  I had forgotten how fun this movie was!

Also – Gabe was a Ninja.

This is important.

6.  I want to make this.  And this.  And this.  I also want to finish painting my kitchen floor.  And Tahd would love me extra if I cleaned up the trash heap that is our basement.  I had better get busy!

7.  And finally, congratulations are in order to Emmy Kay, a fellow infertility and miscarriage sojourner, who delivered twin girls this weekend.  I love me some babies, especially babies who bring hope.  Congrats, E&F!

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  1. First off, Xander has those exact pajamas. Too funny. And I love this: http://theletteredcottage.net/eagan-mirror-tutorial.

    If I can figure out somewhere cool to put it, I am totally going to do it!

  2. I adore that ninja!

    AND I like the 2nd arrangement on the piano.

  3. Heidi, you’d die if you came to my house…there are no “arrangements” anywhere! Pretty much just stuff shoved on top of things for a lack of a better place. Wait-maybe you need to come back this way and helpe me with this. I have a feeling come Wed I’m going to need some major distractions!!! (saw your post on my latest blog-sorry about your negative…)

  4. First of all – I am always so inspired by your decorating prowess! If you ever want to tackle a real problem situation, you should stop by our house 🙂

    Secondly – thanks for the congratulations!

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