Week Four

Tahd left yesterday.  Again.  For the fourth week in a row.  The first three weeks went pretty smooothly, and quickly as well.  I like that.  Gabe and I got along, nothing catastrophic happened, and it didn’t snow too much.  However, I feel like I’ve hit a wall, and the prospect of two more weeks alone seems pretty… well, lonely, for lack of a better word.  Five whole weeks in a row makes me a little sad!


But you know what?  <said to myself as much as to anyone else>  I’m lucky.  I have a husband I miss desperately when he goes away, even if we bicker a bit when he comes home.  😉  I have a little boy whose energy I both find inspiration in and envy.  And I get the remote all to myself.  Focus on the positives, right?


In the meantime, we try to stay busy with a little fun.  Yesterday, it was a professional indoor soccer game.  Gabe was good for about 2.5 quarters, and then I nearly lost my mind trying to keep him from jamming the plastic horn into the head of the person in front of us.  Thankfully the person in front of us was my brother-in-law, but even though he’s sort of compelled to love his nephew, I can’t imagine it was enjoyable to be poked, prodded, and harrassed from over your shoulder.  He’s a good sport, though!


Indoor soccer is not so much my thing.  Let’s face it – sports in general really aren’t my thing.  I fake it reasonably well for things like World Series and Superbowls, but regular sporting events?  I have to work at my focus to stick with it.  Hence this picture…

Because shoes are definitely more of my thing than sports.


But making my child’s eyes light up with excitement?  SO my thing!  Is there anything better than seeing a smile spread across your child’s face and knowing that you had a hand in putting it there?  So when he had an opportunity to go to this game, I figured it would be a great way to begin our fourth-in-a-row solo week.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Gabe banged his noisemakers and ate his pretzel and blew his horn like a pro, hooping and hollering at all the right times, at least until the fourth quarter when he’d had enough.


Also, he doesn’t like buzzers.



This – his “buzzer protection move” – has been perfected during his own weekly soccer games in which he spends the last moments of the game ignoring the ball and paying rapt attention to the clock, hands poised to protect his ears as the seconds count down.  It’s really cute, and made me laugh tonight while I watched him cover his ears in lieu of kicking the ball which flew right by his ankles in the last seconds.


I think we all need a buzzer protection move!  😉


Gabe woke up this morning with a sniffle.  I have crossed every finger and every toe in the hopes that it prevents his third sinus infection in a month.  Thankfully I’m starting to feel better and am just left with a stubborn cough and some lingering fatigue.  Which – let’s face it… I can blame the fatigue on my illnesses but the reality is it preceded the illnesses so I should be thankful it’s improving at all!  But it is, and I’m grateful and have stayed awake for the whole day – sans naps – for FOUR DAYS IN A ROW!  Granted, I slept until noon on Saturday so I’m not sure I should get full credit, but oh well.


Actually, strike that.  I dozed on the couch yesterday around noon.  Caught about an hour’s rest between snuggling with Gabe and answering his questions.  So I guess I started my lucky napless stretch today.  One day down, a whole bunch to go!


With any luck I plan to fill the rest of my week with photography, exercise, decluttering, writing, and volunteering.  Seriously – I love my life.  Sometimes it’s busy and stressful and it has for sure been painful, especially over the last little bit.  But I was recently reminded that when in the midst of transition, something better almost always steps into the vacuum that’s created by the loss of the familiar.  And that’s what’s happening – goodness is filling the gaps and cracks that plagued me long before Mara.  I like the way things are shaping up.


It feels good to write those words!

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  1. I miss you too!! Love you 🙂

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