A Walk In The Woods

Can I just start this post by saying you could come to my house right now and go in any room in my house and I wouldn’t be the least bit embarrassed?  This has absolutely nothing to do with our walk in the woods, but because it’s such a rare occurrence I needed to mark the occasion.

Carry on.

Anyway, we went to a maple tree sugaring this weekend.  What I expected to see and what I actually saw were two entirely different things.  I expected to see tree after tree dotted with steely metal buckets catching their precious golden liquid.  Instead, I saw one tree.  With a white plastic bucket hanging off a crude spigot.  And it was frozen, with no sap running.


It was outside! In the woods! And we didn’t freeze ourselves to death! Or get buried in snow!

So it was a lovely walk, even though there was no sap.

Magical, in fact. The walk was truly magical, reminding me that although I proclaim my love of cities and people and technology and convenience, a country girl hides somewhere within me, much to Tahd’s delight.

There is something soothing about the woods, hushed in branches, leafed or bare, ground covered in signs of seasons past.  A dull echo murmurs back amidst the crunch of leaves underfoot, alternately beckoning me to step deeper into its quiet solace or to stop for observation of the intricate minutiae that comes alive through the conscious awareness of the senses.

The day seemed dreary. The gray, overcast sky blended well with the muted earth and trees around us, but it was far from boring!

Rich in texture and insulation, we could see winter fighting his valiant battle against spring as she attempted to break through.

For the record, I hope spring wins pretty soon.

I had never been to this little section of woods before, even though it’s just a few minutes from our house.

I’ll be back, though. I’m sure of it.


Out walking in the frozen swamp one gray day,
I paused and said, “I will turn back from here.
No, I will go on farther—and we shall see.”
~ Robert Frost

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  1. Your pictures are wonderful Heidi! Is that your new lens?

  2. Tanya Payzant says:

    Heidi, my sister, Paula, and her hubby tap the trees on their property. You would have enjoyed being there this week. One day she told me the sap was literally running (not dripping) out of the tap!!! They enjoy several bottles of “liquid gold” all through the year!!

  3. I adore these pictures.
    Do you Photshop them?
    I SO need to learn Photoshop. sigh

  4. Awesome post and pictures!! Love them!!! and love you all!!

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