Weird Day

Day 472 of Tahd being gone this week, and we woke up to this…


Snow – giant, beautiful snow!  It is March and I think most everyone I know is ready for spring, but these flakes could have caused earthquakes every time they hit the ground – they were enormous!  They were mostly the size of quarters with a rich dose of silver dollars thrown in for good measure.


I hate the snow when Tahd is gone, though, because snow = shoveling.  Thankfully spring must be getting close because the snow eventually turned to rain and washed away into puddles before I needed to drag out my green back, shoulder, and arm torture device.


I keep a little reminder of spring on my table, though, so my mind doesn’t dissolve away with the melting snow.



I also woke up to something I found initially annoying but later realized was slightly important.  From around 5:30 or 6:00 on this morning, Gabe coughed.  Non-stop.  The absolutely predictable, incessant barks punctuated my last precious moments of sleep until I was finally roused for good and realized Gabe sounded like he wasn’t just coughing but was also having an asthma attack.  It took approximately 1.8 seconds for me to start flashing back to my own childhood asthma attacks when I could. not. catch. my. breath and immediately had the same sensation of being unable to breathe.  The good news was that I was able to breathe, and the even better news was that Gabe’s issue seemed pretty mild.  I called the doctor who was able to squeeze us in for a quick appointment, and we set about our day – getting ready, picking up some pastries, and going to MOPS to drop off the food and briefly see some friends.  Then it was over to the doctor.


Having never been diagnosed with asthma before I wasn’t certain Gabe had, in fact, had an asthma attack.  But upon listening to his lungs and watching him breathe the doctor concurred and ordered a breathing treatment.


Can I just say that breathing treatments are deceiving?  The child sits calmly on the bed and methodically inhales the magic air for the prescribed amount of time.  It all looks so serene and unflappable.




The medication takes effect and the child begins frantically ricocheting off the walls in a jittery attempt to findsomethingtodorightnow! Said child is overhere! And overthere! And overhereandoverthere at the exact same time!  As helpful as albuterol can be, I do not consider it a friend of the parents.  This parent is not a fan!  Granted, I’m also not a fan of children who can’t breathe very well, so I’ll take the albuterol over the labored breathing.


It seemed to help, at least enough for me to break his heart by taking him to school, so we hopped in the car and continued on our way.


Can I just say I spend an inordinate amount of time in the car?  I added it up this week and realized I spend a minimum of two hours every school day.  If I have any appointments or errands it’s more like 3 hours.  I probably pick up an extra hour or two on the weekend.  Altogether, I bet I spend at least 15 hours a week in my car.  It looks something like this…



Do I look tired there?  ‘Cause yeah, I was.  And no, I didn’t take that while driving.  I was sitting in the car waiting for the school to turn Gabe loose at the end of the day.


The waiting also gave me time to observe the particularly messy condition of my car.  I swear I have crap shoved into every possible crevice.



You’d think that spending so much time in the car would motivate me to want to keep it clean.  But nope – hasn’t worked so far.  And that’s just the front seat.  The back is worse – far, far worse!


Doesn’t Gabe look thrilled to see me here?

I swear to you – every day!  He looks this thrilled every day!  For someone who spent a solid hour begging me to let him skip the rest of the school day, he certainly doesn’t look happy to see me when I pick him up!  I actually took this picture on Monday, but he looks this way almost every time I pick him up.


So we came home, my little asthmatic and his tired mother, and proceeded to attempt to not destroy the house before bedtime.  Can any other mothers relate?  I can get the house all picked up while he’s gone for the day only to have it fall apart in what seems like moments.  And it’s not just him – I do at least my fair share of creating a disaster, especially when it comes to dinner preparations.  Good grief!  I’m a messy cook!  Tonight was raw pumpkin pie soup, which sounds disgusting in print but is actually really tasty in person.  If you like pumpkin pie, which I do.  But do you know how many carrots you have to juice to get 32 ounces of carrot juice?  Uh, a lot.  There were very many carrots and very much carrot pulp and I think I may have dyed my countertops orange.  Which is good or something because orange is my favorite color. 😉


Gabe’s in bed now and I’m about ready to head that direction myself.  I’m hoping for a regular day tomorrow.  Today wasn’t bad, but it was definitely weird!

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  1. Bless! He does NOT look happy.

  2. OH NO, asthma…BOO!! So sorry Gabesy 🙁 Asthma really blows!

  3. During all three years of preschool, I was convinced someone would call social services on me because when I picked up Anthony at school, he looked so ticked off that I was there. Not that he liked school then, but he just was so tired and I was so happy to see him that he was overwhelmed and took it out on me. Sorry about the asthma and the albuterol…is there another drug that doesn’t have that crazy effect? And yes, I am right there with you…I pick up an entire room and within 30 seconds it’s destroyed. I just keep telling myself that someday, I’ll be so sad to have such a clean room with no toys…actually makes me sad thinking about it now. 🙁
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