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You know what I love?  Pictures.  I love to have a house full of pictures of some of my favorite memories.  I went through my house one day and counted my displayed pictures, and you know what? I topped 50.  I feel vaguely embarrassed about the fact that someone could come into my house and think we were insanely in love with ourselves based on the number of pictures we display, but that’s not it at all!  I just love looking up from whatever I’m doing and seeing something that makes me smile because it brings back wonderful memories.

There’s a link party going on right now at The Inspired Room about people’s gallery walls.  I thought it would be fun to play along – partly to post my own walls and partly to get new ideas because I have plans to add one or two more of these features. I’m beginning to fear the walls in my house are looking overrun, but my love of the happy memories wins out and I keep plotting new ways to squeeze in a few more photos.  🙂

Right now I have two gallery walls – one in my stairwell and the other in our hall upstairs.  First up – the wall upstairs.

This was my first gallery wall. I got the shelves on sale at Kohls and the frames were all frames I had at home. Some of them were already black, but the others I spraypainted.  I have some old family pictures in this gallery as well as some pictures of Gabe when he was very young. I think one of my most favorite pictures in this gallery is the small picture in the center of this shot – it’s of my dad and sisters at a dance. Growing up, we were never allowed to go to dances. However, as they got older my parents decided dances weren’t such a big deal. In 2005, our church actually hosted a father-daughter dance, and my dad took the three of us for a “date.”  Someone snapped this picture of the four of us dancing, and it’s a really lovely memory!

I put up the next gallery more recently – maybe last year?  My inlaws gave me a whole bunch of frames for Christmas, and I added a few others I had collected since the first gallery.

This gallery was tricky to lay out. I knew I had too many frames to just start nailing them into the wall willy nilly.  So I measured my space and did the whole “cut-paper-bags-into-the-shape-of-my-frames” and worked on a mock layout. Once I had a design I liked I transferred it to the wall and finally installed my nails. Can I just say that I hate nailing into plaster? It’s such a fiasco!

This gallery actually isn’t quite done. I still have one empty frame. I thought I knew what I wanted to put in it, but it’s a larger format print and I wanted to purchase it locally. And when I say locally, I mean I wanted to go to a 1-hour Walgreens. Except they don’t seem to do enlargements on site. So I’d have to wait. And I didn’t want to wait. So instead of waiting I just didn’t order it, basically meaning I’ve waited a year to fill my final frame.  Logical? No. But maybe good, because I think I’d like to use a different picture now.

This gallery has a few non-photo things in it, too, although I’m not sure about them. One is a little craft I made out of shells and rocks we collected in Florida – it’s the heart in the center of the above picture.  The other is a dried magnolia leaf we got on the same vacation.

I have a decorator friend who says galleries are always more aesthetically interesting when people incorporate non-photo items. So far I haven’t felt like I mastered this. But maybe I’ll get it right in the next gallery wall!  😉

Speaking of the next gallery wall, my plan is to do something with larger format prints – maybe 16x20s?  We’ll see what ends up happening!

Do you have a gallery wall?  Link up and play along! It’s fun! 🙂


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  1. So jealous of the staircase gallery wall! We don’t have the type of stairs that you can do that with since they turn in the middle and are open to above. Your gallery wall looks great. If you have a Costco membership they do enlargements in their 1 hour photo. I just got some 11×14 and 16×20 there the other day.

  2. Just popping over from The Inspired Room. It is great to see your gallery wall. Mine is #10.


    Gg – Notes on the Journey

    ps. Your walls are stunning.
    Glenda Childers´s last blog post ..It is PARTY TIME 2011 Ultimate Blog Party

  3. I really like your wall and I do like the framed shells too. It adds interest. Well done.

    Gumbo Lily´s last blog post ..Family photo gallery wall

  4. A friend emailed me the link today to the inspired room. So happy to take a look around. I am loving your staircase one. that is on my to-do list. love yours!
    Colleen´s last blog post ..Big day

  5. Just popping over from the Inspired room.
    I love the creative matting you’ve done. Large frame, with a small pic. Even off-center. It’s not something I would have chosen. But, I like it a lot.

    I’m planning a gallery wall – I might try that technique for small, very meaningful items.
    Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D´s last blog post ..You Think You Know But Do You

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