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Lately I’ve been working on a post that’s touching an especially raw nerve in me.  And I just can’t seem to get the experience down into black and white, in spite of the fact that I’ve written about it before.  So I decided to table it, just for a few days until I can’t help but write it because I’m drowning in the words.

So far? I’m at a slow trickle.

For the record, the post will be called something like “Spring.”  I have a few other posts in mind to write soon and don’t want anyone to think my post on meal planning is the one touching the raw nerve.  Although it does touch a nerve. Just not the raw one. 😉

It’s been a little intense around here lately.  Tahd’s out of town (again, but for the last time during the foreseeable future).  Gabe has scarlet fever.  Which I didn’t realize was still a thing since we don’t live in Little House On The Prairie.  But I guess it is, because it’s going around at Gabe’s school and he appears to be the lucky recipient.

Tahd also happens to have developed a tooth abscess since he left town.  Let’s review these issues:

  1. He can’t open his mouth much, if at all
  2. He can’t chew because there’s too much pain
  3. He also can’t chew because the infected tooth is so infected that it has actually risen somewhat and none of his other teeth make contact
  4. He has a sore throat
  5. His glands are swollen

After hearing all these things as well as listening to him tell me that he thought he’d be okay with a little Tylenol, I promptly concluded he was insane and arranged to get him a prescription for antibiotics before the infection moves into his brain.

Oh – and my internet’s out. I called my service provider who told me there was an outage. Unfortunately, they failed to tell me that the outage was with telephone service, not with internet service. So now my cell phone is tethered to my computer because this addict needs her fix! 🙂  And I have a service call for tomorrow night.  In the meantime, I’ve been catching up on a little scrapbooking project I’ve been wanting to do.  Namely calendars…

photo a day calendar layout

So it’s been an unusual week. Because of the scarlet fever Gabe has been home with me; however, he feels p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y fine. See?  Here’s his rash. It was practically invisible, never getting worse than this (and usually looking like he had no rash at all).

scarlet fever rash

There’s no “laying around on the couch and watching movies” for him. It’s more like “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NEXT, MOM?  LET’S GO!  PLAY WITH ME!!! ENTERTAIN ME!!!!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!”  Mostly, we’ve been kicking around the house and the neighborhood.

chalkboard wall

As of about 4:00 today, Gabe was officially no  longer contagious, so he’ll be back at school tomorrow.  And hopefully I’ll find my words when I have a little more quiet around me.

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  1. Glad that Gabe is feeling better; I hope that Tahd follows suite!
    Beautiful shots momma!

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