Setting the Intention

Inspiration and joy? They hit the toilet this week.  I’ve been spending my time navigating a weird funk of anxiety dotted with irritation and monumental tiredness. I put down my camera, hid from my kitchen, stopped writing, pretended my house mess and laundry didn’t exist, and sat the days away attempting to be oblivious.

And it? Was a big, fat fail.

The thing is… when I’m anxious my tendency is to withdraw, to slow down, to congeal.  And sometimes?  Well, maybe that’s okay.  But more often than not the anxious energy festers inside the stillness of my body, and my mind runs when my body doesn’t.  It’s like I pay full attention to my anxiety and pretend the rest of my life doesn’t actually exist.  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

This week needs to be different.

When I stumbled on these two things on Pinterest (need an invite? let me know! it’s amazing!) I knew I had found my inspiration…

Go here and get your own free printable of this spunky reminder!

And then this…

Maybe I’ll have to start watching How I Met Your Mother?

So I’m setting the intention to have a more






awesome week, regardless of how much my anxiety tries to intrude!

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  1. Way to go, Hon! Loving you and praying for you to have a great week!!

  2. Heidi, you have such a gift of writing and verbalizing your thoughts. I admire that so much.

    I just pinned this one. . . “She believed she could, so she did”.

    You go girl!!!!!

  3. Would love an invite – what a cool site!

    Great post, love that you are so open – and I know exactly what you mean. . . anxiety & I go a long ways back. . . thinking and praying for you to be engaged in the here and now this week instead of the what ifs and whys of yesterday and tomorrow.

  4. Sounds like a good plan!

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