What Time Is It?

I am so confused!

On Sunday evening we traveled to California. We left at 7:30 and arrived at 11:15 and had one one-hour layover and were on 4.75 hours worth of flights. Time change?  It’s magic!  My cell phone automatically picked up the new time but my itouch and my computer didn’t, leaving me in a perpetual state of disorientation, uncertain about what I should be doing at any given time. Should I be eating? Should I be asleep? Should I be picking Tahd up from work? Working myself? I HAVE NO IDEA!  The only thing I know for sure? Gabe should be in bed.  Always in bed. Because he seems to have been able to keep himself awake until 3:00 in the morning on Monday, which (along with continued sleep disruption) has induced an impressive series of tantrums and epithets aimed our direction. Namely things like, “Why are you so mean to me?” and “I know you hate me right now!” and “WHY can’t I EVER {fill in the blank}??????” and “Do it RIGHT. NOW!” and “I’m going to sit here until you do what I say!” (which happened to be related to a cup of Sprite that got dumped out tonight by Tahd because Gabe wouldn’t stop blowing bubbles in it) and all sorts of delicious 6-year-old demands that leave me concerned that I may have entirely screwed up this parenting gig.

But it’s bedtime right now – sweet, glorious bedtime in which the heavy eyelids of tired 6-year-olds have closed over the day and I have finally exhaled an epic sigh of relief since I know there will be no altercations for another six hours. And hopefully more.  🙂

If I were a good blogger I’d have downloaded my photos and would display evidence that in spite of the discord we’ve been having a pretty fun time. But what I am? Is a tired mommy who doesn’t want to leave the sofa to find the camera – let alone the appropriate cable.  Rest assured there’s been fun and there’s been swimming and there are sunburns and there are plans to round out the week with lots more adventure.  But first, I must lay on the couch and be lazy.

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