What We Did Four Days Ago

Nothing like staying on top of things, right? I’m only a few days late, but it took me that long to a) find the cord that connects my camera to my computer and b) find the motivation to connect my camera to my computer.  I’ve had the motivation of a sloth on this trip, which has felt pretty good most of the time!

On Sunday evening we left for California! It was a nice distraction from the potential sadness in which I could have wallowed on Mother’s Day, and overall it has been a very uneventful, relaxing trip.  The odd times we’ve traveled and the time difference have left me a bit disoriented, but I think that might add to the fun, no?

After one of our flights, Gabe made a small detour into the cockpit  where he checked out the lay of the land and had his picture taken. Kudos to Delta who made a 6-year-old’s day!

We made it to California without even a hiccup!  Granted, it was 2:00 in the morning, but we made it!

This is what 2:00 in the morning looks like when you’re in kindergarten and you’re waiting at baggage claim.  Really, really exciting.  It would have been even more exciting if we’d made him walk through the airport to get our bags. But I took pity on him and carried him. Do you know how heavy a 50-pound slightly-asleep child is?  Way more than 50 pounds!  Lest you think I had the difficult job, I carried Gabe while Tahd carried all our carry-on luggage, which included two backpacks, a surprisingly heavy shoulder bag, and a purple purse.  Tahd definitely got the raw end of that deal!

Note: if you’ve ever lost a piece of luggage on any flight, there’s a really good chance it’s in Sacramento.  This is only one of several carts full of random bags.  Best of luck getting it out of the stack!

More to come…

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  1. Is that an art piece or truly a HUGE stack of luggage?

  2. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful trip! <3

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