An Evening Drive

After several hours in the middle of the night with a crying baby and a day in which she didn’t want to be put down I was ready to make a quick escape when Tahd got home – later than normal, I might add – from work.  When I spend my days willing another human being to sleep I find my world gets pretty small and I get very eager to rediscover the world!  I found this to be true when Gabe was younger, too, and it’s one of the part of parenting I most struggle with.

But that’s another post for another day…

For today, I hit the road when Tahd got home – camera in hand – off to search for a little evening inspiration.  I’ve been having lots of photographic fun with Instagram lately, but I missed my big camera and it was a little bit like taking a friend out for a drive.

We live in a more urban-t0-suburban area, but not far from here the road greets rural, and I decided it was the perfect place to live in the golden hour and watch the sunset.  I didn’t quite know what I was looking for, but eventually I found a few things that made me smile.

I found this first little building nestled between some trees.

I especially liked it because I could play with the sun flares as they filtered through the trees in the foreground.

Not longer after I rounded a corner on this field.  Truthfully, I didn’t quite get the picture I wanted.  The weeds spotted the crop in such a distinctive way, but I didn’t think the farmer would appreciate me traipsing through his field uninvited to get closer.

A group of cows were pastured in a small roadside field.

Cows aren’t usually my thing, but these cows looked happy.  They wanted to have their pictures taken.


When I finally found this crooked little shed I was already driving by it and had to pull a fast u-turn.

There was just something interesting about it. I wonder how much longer it will stand.

All in all it was a lovely evening – a few hours to myself, beautiful scenery, the smell of the country…

and the knowledge that Tahd would wrestle Isla to sleep and I wouldn’t have to! 😉


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