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Here’s what we’ve been up to lately…

We ended the school year with Gabe’s class’s Author’s Tea.  I think I mentioned it before, but I’m only now getting around to my camera’s memory card so here they are…three weeks later!

They were working on “Fancy Nancy” words for their writing, and this tea was a way to celebrate what they’d learn as well as show off the portfolios they’d been working hard on at the end of the year.  They were all so proud to show off their work!

Gabe loved it – he read me every word he’d written!  He also showed off his fancy ninja moves.  Which look totally natural in a suit.  Or as Gabe calls it – his “President’s costume.”

Gabe’s been spending every day of summer break building creations out of his various building toys.

This one is supposed to be a Pokemon.  Don’t know where that came from – he’s never been into Pokemon before.  But he had to build some so we could have a battle.

We finalized our Summer Bucket List. This year we put fewer items on our list (last year’s had 40…too many for us!) and used oils pastels instead of markers.  Gabe had a lot of fun experimenting with a new art medium!  I do have to say, however, that I did all the drawing on the Bucket List poster.  He was busy using pastels to illustrate exploding volcanoes and battles.

At the end of last year I decided I wanted to keep up with our 2012 photos by using Project Life.  I’m woefully behind but stumbled into a little time to start getting caught up.

So far I have January and February photos in the book. All I have left is March, April and May as well as the journaling for ALL THOSE MONTHS.  No biggie, right?

I have found a new love through Project Life, though – washi tape!  It’s so much fun, and so simple to use!

I do like how it’s coming together, though. If I were more on top of things I’d try to be more artistic with it, but at this point I’m just going for “complete.”

It’s so much fun to go back through the photos from the last several months!

Somebody got her first foods!  I intended to wait like we did with Gabe.  I think he was 6.5 months when we finally started him on solids.  He was not a fan – still isn’t, really.  Isla’s different.  She has been very curious about our foods and has been attempting to get some of them close enough to her mouth to eat.  When I noticed it again the other day I decided I was being silly to wait just because we waited with Gabe.  I figured I might as well capitalize on her interest!  She loved it.  So much!  I gave her some banana and she gobbled it up!  Today I steamed some peaches and she tried those with the same response.  I’m not sure I’m going to know what to do with a baby who actually wants to eat!

She just loves Gabe!  She watches every little thing he does.


He’s pretty fond of her, too.

So that’s us lately.  And at this moment I hear Isla waking up, ready to be fed.  So that’s all for now, I guess!

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  1. Heidi — Your children are so beautiful! You are so lucky! Please keep showing us the pictures! It keeps my spirits up especially after a rough day. Today I woke up to find ants all over my living room and kitchen floors, so I was moving furniture and scrubbing floors while keeping an eye on 4 kids. Then we were at the soccer field for my youngest son’s last game and my grandson (who is potty training) decided to poop in his underwear. Oh and my night out with my husband the other night included a text from my oldest, that my youngest son was playing shoe kick and his shoe ended up on top of the high school roof! All I can think of to do is laugh about it, because if not I would probably sit down and cry! 🙂

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