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This week was a lovely summer week, full of warm weather, air conditioning, beach time, and play dates!

We had a girls’ week last week – me, Isla, my mom and my sisters.  I came home with quite a haul!  My first ModCloth order arrived on the same day, too, so it felt like a very fun shopping day!4

She’s turning into such a happy girl!

This is one of her new outfits from said shopping extravaganza.  I love it!

Also. She really wants to it up. All the time. By herself.

Hanging out with Grandma at church. I think she was eyeing the rings thinking about how tasty they’d be!

Hello there, double chin!

On Father’s Day we celebrated with Tahd and my dad. We also celebrated spring/summer birthdays – my sister’s, my dad’s, and Tahd’s. It was a very festive day!

I made Tahd a super tasty dessert.  It. looked. AWFUL! Something wasn’t quite right with it and I still don’t know what happened.  It tasted great, however, so it wasn’t a total bust!

Afternoon rest time.

This little seahorse is MAGIC!  Isla cried for 1.5 hours straight on Tuesday afternoon. Or maybe it was Monday. I can’t remember. This was the only thing that settled her. Miraculous!

I think Tahd was chasing Gabe here? Can’t remember. They tear through the house on a regular basis.  Tahd is a very good dad!

Tahd found this box of diapers in the attic from when Gabe was a baby – Huggies size 1s.  I couldn’t stomach the thought of putting them back in the attic again, so we’ve been wearing them on her even though she has long since outgrown size 1s.  It is the box that NEVER ENDS!  They just keep going!  I think we’re down to 6 now, though, so they’ll certainly be gone this weekend!

We spent the afternoon at the beach. It was lovely! I nursed Isla to sleep in the sun shelter and then built castles with Gabe at the water’s edge.  For the whole 15 minutes while she slept.  She fussed a lot while we were there, but she’ll learn. She has to get used to the fact that the beach is the best place in the world!

We went to the park with friends.

They love each other!

Also, note the laundry behind them.


Just hanging around after a little quiet time. I’m trying to institute daily reading time. Gabe reads a ton so I’m not overly concerned about his overall amount, but it would be nice to have an established quiet time each day.  He’s pretty resistant, though, and Isla’s not particularly consistent with sleep, so it may not work out for me.

Gabe was creating a whiteboard version of a video game.

We were opponents.

I did not win.

This is a teeny bit of the chaos and clutter that lives in our home.  I really need to do a giant purging. I think I’ve narrowed down the problem to the fact that we have TOO MUCH STUFF!  There’s not enough space for everything!  I have plans…big plans!


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  1. Oh my!! Baby’s double chin and butt cheeks!!! YESSS!!! All great memories 🙂 Enjoyed looking through them!
    Shannon @ I Should be Cleaning House´s last blog post ..My First InstaFriday 🙂

  2. Love the picture joural — so great to see!! Love you all!!

  3. Becky McGinnis says:

    I really appreciate all the photos when we are so far away and can’t be there every few days to enjoy the changes in both of our kids. Isla changes faster, of course, and oh, my heavens, the changes in 5+ months… love you all!

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