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I decided to play along with InstaFriday this week.  You can follow me on instagram at slightlycosmo.

Love this baby! She decided my necklace was the perfect chew toy.

We took our trip to the beach on Sunday.

I’m glad we did because it went from 90 degrees here last week to 50 today, I think.  I turned the heat back on in the house!

Hopefully it’ll be beach weather again soon!

There’s something magical about the bedtime hour. Although in the interest of full disclosure I have to mention that Isla woke up about 3 minutes after I took this picture.

Tahd tucking Gabe in.  He helped me pick the photo and filter.

Tahd’s growing his beard again.  Isla kind of sacked out here, all floppy and exhausted.

Gabe’s class has been working on learning about “fancy” words – instead of “cold” say “freezing.”  Instead of “nice” say “fantastic.”  In honor of their fancy words they had a Fancy Nancy Tea Party and I made some fancy cupcakes for them.  I thought they were fun!  And super tasty!  I used a new cake mix – Duff white cake from Michaels.  It was really tasty and super easy!  I’ll definitely buy that mix again.  I like to make cakes from scratch, but it’s a little putzy and I wanted quick and easy – without the box cake taste.  This mix fit the bill really well!

Something about this face made me giggle!

On our way to the Fancy Tea Party. Gabe wore his suit, which he prefers to call his “President costume.”

I could take a million pictures of a sleeping baby!

On the other hand, this was my non-sleeping baby at 10:30 at night.

Girl time!

Trying out her giraffe.  She has entered a very “mouthy” phase lately so I thought I’d get it out.  It was enjoyed!

My excitement for the week – a Skype chat with Kelle Hampton!

Book and baby… ready to go!  It was a nice chat!  We talked about miscarriage and friendships and faith and positivity.

And so excited – it’s fruit season!  These were our first cherries of the year.  Hoping the strawberries in our garden will be ready next week!

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  1. I like your happy beach day… looks like you all had fun! Also, I had my first cherries of the year this week too. Hurrah!! (here via Life Rearranged)
    wendy´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  2. Love the pictures!! 🙂 it looks like you are having fun together and enjoying yourselves!

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