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It’s (insta)friday.  Yay!  I’m playing along with Life Rearranged.  If you want to find me on Instagram I’m slightlycosmo.

Mom took my kids last Friday so I could have a chance to declutter in the house.  I spent most of my time in the basement storage area and pantry, taking out eight boxes for Goodwill and four bags of trash.  The sad thing?  That’s just (some of) the stuff from my storage area.  I still have SO much to do in the regular living areas and closets!

I emptied all of these totes!

Thankfully my mom has offered to take them another time and I’ll hopefully be able to tackle some of the more visible areas!

Tahd had been growing a full beard for a while.  He decided it was done last week, but when he shaves off his beards he does it in stages. I think he likes to torment me.  He started with a horseshoe moustache and giant chops for sideburns, but I forgot to get a picture of it.  Next we moved onto the above look.


This was his third look.  It made me cry.  They were not happy tears.

I wish I had a picture of her whole dress – it’s so cute!  It’s way too fancy for anything we ever do – kind of like a full lace flapper dress.  I only bought it because it was on clearance at Baby Gap for $12.  Love me bargains.  Love me Baby Gap.


I’m also in love with the fabric in this dress. Purchased from the Gap Outlet for me.  Another win!

Here we are (in our dresses) trying to stay quiet during church.  Staying quiet is hard, hard work.

Out for a run – it was roasty toasty but I think I did a total of 3.5 miles!  That included a walking warm up/cool down and a 1/4 mile walk in the middle, but it’s the longest distance I’ve gone in few years, so it felt really good.

At Daddy’s softball double header on Monday.  They won!

Gabe asked me if he could climb into her crib with her (she wasn’t asleep).  After several years of me climbing into his crib with him I figured it couldn’t hurt!

So sweet!

I did another run, this time in 100 degree weather.

When I came home I promptly planted my hot self directly in front of our industrial strength fan.

Happy 4th!

Check us all out on our electronic devices!

We ran some errands yesterday. We haven’t mastered the “napping” thing yet, and she basically collapsed into sleep at Target.  We’ll get the hang of this sometime, right?

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  1. Aren’t mothers just the best. My 81 yr old mother went strawberry picking with friends this week and brought me home a flat of berries so I could make some jam!!!! :0)

  2. What fun, adorable family you have! I especially enjoyed the de-bearding series and want to give you kudos for beasting your runs, even in yucky weather! Go, you!
    Kara´s last blog post ..PhotoADayJuly

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