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Another week, another instafriday!  On Saturday!  I’m super timely. I’m slightlycosmo on Instagram if you want to follow me.

We went to our town’s monthly festival and I found a few super fun shops I didn’t know about before! I may need to go back for some fun accessories before we leave for our upcoming trip!

Hawking the hair!

She has figured out how to blow raspberries and loves it!  I love the face she makes while she does it!

Happy birthday, Tahd!  He and Isla slept in on his big day.

Cake!  Oh my goodness – it was so good!

Loving her blue eyes and wondering if they’ll stay blue or change.

He asks a lot to hold her.  They’re awfully cute together!

She got her very first cut – on the dishwasher, of all places!  I didn’t realize there was a sharp edge underneath!  🙁  Thankfully, she’s fine! I’m still a little traumatized, though!

In spite of the fact that we’ve been trying to do this for years, Monday was the first time we tried out our town’s splash pad.

We’re glad we finally did because it was super fun!  Next time I’m going to wear my swimsuit, too!


Tuesday I went on another massive (and much needed) cleaning blitz.  This time I worked in the visible areas rather than just the storage areas.  It feels like a breath of fresh air in here.  Or at least it did.  We’ve been gone this week and dumped everything when we got home and now it looks a little crazy again.

Partly, I think I need cleaning blitzes because when I cook I end up making my kitchen look like this.  No joke.  It went from spotless to this in 2 hours.

Love this stretched out nap!

We took our first of two road trips this summer, this one a quick one to visit Tahd’s parents.  Arby’s proved to be a good pit stop to nurse a baby and get a little snack!

I keep hoping she’ll turn into a committed thumb sucker.  So far, no dice.  It’s only casual.  But cute.

I love waking up in the country!

Just sitting around!

One of my favorite things to do while visiting Tahd’s house is go for a run. The country roads are so beautiful!

Especially at sunset!

They made me wish I could run faster so I could cover more ground and see more scenery.

I like running in cities, too, but there’s nothing like the country.

It has its own special magic!


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