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It’s Instafriday!  I’m slightlycosmo on Instagram if you want to follow me.   I was a little light on photos this week – I think I was a little burned out from all the vacation photos and the fact that right after we got home from vacation Tahd had to go on a work trip, leaving me home alone with the kiddos.

instafriday - anthropologie wish list

We went to Chicago to hang out with my sister for the day and stopped by an anthro for inspiration and fun.  Actually, this was Thursday but I didn’t process the picture until Friday, so I’ll say it counts! 🙂

instafriday - fashion baby

Is she not THE cutest thing ever in her peasant shirt, jeggings, and metallic gladiator sandals?

instafriday - baby gladiators

Shoes…I think they were clearance shoes from Target?

instafriday - first fridays

Our town has this fantastic downtown area, and they have a special event on the first Friday evening of every month.  We love participating, and at this particular shop Gabe was making a little collage poem.  He also made a piece of art in repousse style at our museum.  I don’t really know what repousse is.  I just know I have a metallic picture of a snake hanging in my living room.

instafriday - fair prize

We went to the state fair and Gabe’s uncle won the basketball game and let Gabe pick the prize.  He picked this giant exercise ball dressed in a Sacramento cover since we’ve been to Sacramento.  I’m trying to convince myself it’s a good thing that we have another giant exercise ball…

instafriday - glitter manicure

Fun beige and glitter manicure!

instafriday - happy baby 1

If I do a really big open mouth smile at her she does it back.

instafriday - happy baby 2

And if I scrunch up my nose at the same time she does it, too.

instafriday - crazy dancing

Gabe was moving so much he seriously looks like an amputee here…

instafriday - magnolia bakery cupcake

And the piece de resistance… remember when I left my Magnolia Bakery cupcakes on the tour bus in NYC?  Well, my parents just returned from a trip there and they surprised me with NEW CUPCAKES!!!  Oh my goodness – YUM!  I promptly inhaled two and then collapsed in a sugar coma.  It was delicious and long overdue!

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  1. Your kids are adorable! I love your daughter’s jeggings outfit. Too cute!
    Stephanie´s last blog post ..InstaFriday 8.10

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