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It’s Instafriday!  I’m slightlycosmo on Instagram if you want to follow me.   My goodness…I hardly took any photos this week!  I also stayed in my jammies three days this week.  Somebody needs to find her mojo again!


This is Hobby Lobby.  Hobby Lobby, what happened?  You used to seem like such a sensible, practical store.  And now you display Christmas trees in August?  You had more aisles of Christmas stuff than you had of Halloween stuff!  I’m a big Christmas fanatic, but this is a little much.

A cousin recently eloped, and in celebration she and her new husband had a reception in Chicago.  We had a lovely dinner and took an evening river cruise to Lake Michigan.  It was absolutely beautiful!  My only regret was that Tahd couldn’t join me.  We just couldn’t figure out care for our children.  I needed to be able to nurse Isla (or at least pump, which wasn’t really practical on a boat), so he kept the kids, taking them to the Museum of Science and Industry for a Mythbusters exhibit and then going back to my sister’s house for the evening.  It worked really well, but I definitely missed having him there.

The evening skyline from the lake side.  Breathtaking!

It’s been a little bit of a gray week with some rain and a few thunderstorms.


After a giant debit card fiasco in which the bank changed my pin number (but they insisted they didn’t), we spent some time at the bank troubleshooting our problem.  Gabe marched in with his book and promptly found a comfy chair for the duration.

Sleepy.  Again.

She fell asleep holding on.  I thought it was cute.

How cute are these?  I practically squealed when I found them!  They’re way too big for her now, but hopefully they’ll fit later this winter!

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  1. Your kids are precious! I love that your son knew exactly what to do at the bank. Big points for him!
    Jessica´s last blog post ..instafriday

  2. Oh that view of Chicago doesn’t get old!

    Have a great weekend!!

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