8 Things I Love About Winter

You guys, I’m not a winter person.  Not at all.  Aside from Christmas, snow and cold just leave me grumpy and freezing.  Throw in short days and a polar vortex or three and I really want to find a way to hibernate.  Or take a trip.  Neither of which are in the cards.

Instead, I thought some gratitude might be in order, sort of a “turn-your-frown-upside-down” effort.  So here goes…8 things I love about winter.  I’m going to try to do this without any complaints!


One || Christmas.  Because…of course.  The holidays just wouldn’t seem right without snow, so I love winter for that.  I guess all the cold-weather holidays in general, really – Thanksgiving, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day…and all my kids have winter birthdays, too, so we have lots of celebrations!

Two || Coziness.  You can’t really snuggle up by the fire with a good book and a comfy throw in the middle of summer.  Not that we have fires in our fireplace very often, but we could do it, and winter is the perfect time for it.

_MG_7819ev small

Three || The way a small puddle of ice crusts over and you can jam your heel into it and crack it into shards and shreds.  When we were little, we used to roam the playground looking for these little puzzles and fight over who got to break them.

Four || Having lots of clothing options to camouflage spots on my body with which I’m uncomfortable.  This works very well for the postpartum period.  Winter babies FTW!

_MG_6765e small

Five || Low humidity.  I can straighten my hair as much as I want and it stays straight.

Six || The song of the birds.  Birds are a cheerful sound anytime, but during the last few weeks I’ve noticed birds singing as we leave the house each morning, and their songs sound particularly hopeful set against the crisp backdrop of a frosty morning.


Seven || Less sweating.  Tahd will laugh at this one because it doesn’t matter what season it is – winter, spring, summer, or fall – when I get out of the shower and put my makeup on/do my hair, I always sweat.  Like red face, sweat beading on my nose.  It’s very strange and I have no clue why…maybe my showers are too hot?  In the winter, though, that’s no big deal, and I don’t get sweaty and sticky at other times of day.  In the summer, unless the a/c is cranked, I’m a disaster all the time.  Partner to this is less swelling.  When it’s hot, my hands and feet swell, and it annoys me.  I don’t have that problem in the winter.


Eight || Sparkly snow.  Not all snow sparkles, but when it does, it looks like glitter floating to the ground, and it’s breathtaking!

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  1. You did it!!! Way to come up more than 1 🙂 I appreciated reading this post and being reminded of a few positive things about winter. Amen to the sparkly snow- gets me every time. Hope you’re enjoying the “warmer” temperatures today!!
    Mindy´s last blog post ..March madness

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