Whiny McWhinerson

First day back to the regular grind, and I woke up today feeling like I was already in a stupor of exhaustion and blah.

On top of that, it was zero degrees today.  ZERO.  I know this doesn’t mean much to you Canadian folk who see Celsius zero on a regular basis, but Farenheit zero, even in northerly Wisconsin, is COLD.  Like, “makes my soul shrivel and my heart become three sizes too small” cold.  I’ve even been taking my vitamin d supplements, which usually seem to boost me around this time of year, but I think they’ve frozen themselves into tiny, inert crystals of ice and are refusing to enter my cells until it warms up.

And Christmas is over and my house is bare – but a mess – but bare, and that’s just a bummer.  Wanna see?



This was the (extremely late) night we came home following our last Christmas celebration, but still.  That’s a lot of stuff!

Did I mention Tahd has no clean socks, Gabe has no clean pants, and I’m not doing laundry?

And Isla is in a big girl bed, which I’m so not ready for.  And Jude is getting ready to move out of our room, which sounds divine to me except that it sounds rotten and too soon, and I just don’t like anything about this.  Here’s the room at a midway point.  There’s still more I’m planning to do, but this was a workable stopping point.


I told you – Whiny McWhinerson.  Even I’m annoyed at my petulance.

I think I’d get over it if I could…

A) feel super rested for many days on end, or

B) get some warm sunshine, or

C) win the lottery so Tahd and I can both quit our jobs

Unlikely on all counts, I’d say?

In the meantime, my New Year resolutions (not really resolutions, I guess, just loose goals) are going well.  I purchased this tracker and printed off about 8 copies and am dutifully filling in circles.  I intended to make a similar version of my own, but when I realized how long it was going to take to make it and saw that I could buy an already complete version for the Low Low Price of $4, I was so down with that.

My goals currently consist of…

drinking more water
weight lifting/squats on alternating days
taking a picture a day
taking my medications/vitamins
planning an activity each day to do with Isla (i.e. let my preschooler watch less tv)
tracking my nutrition and activity

It seems like  lot, but they’re all relatively small things.  That, and we’re…what?  Five days in?  As me how I’m doing in fifty-five and then we’ll see!

I should come back later this week to tell you about my word of the year.  I’m excited about it and want to do a project with it to give myself a beautiful visual reminder for my home.  We’ll see what happens…

Back to brooding in my own sour simmer for now.

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