Getting Things Done – The Weekend Edition


In theory, the nice thing about a weekend is the ability to blend getting things done and relaxing. In actuality, though, my weekend life doesn’t lend itself well to this.  I still expect it to happen, but then I’m anxious when it’s Sunday afternoon at 2 PM and I’ve barely scratched the surface.  You’d think I’d learn!

This weekend, though, my parents took Gabe with them for the weekend, which left us one kid down. You’d think it would be the younger two who prevented us from getting things done, but it’s not. It’s the combination of the three. Or, rather, the combination of Gabe with Isla. Together, they have an energy that requires…um…managing, shall we say?  Gabe with Jude is fine and Isla with Jude is fine, but Isla and Gabe together is very consuming.  So this weekend was nice for everyone–Gabe got a little one-on-one attention from the grandparents and it was calm enough to knock a few things off our list.

When I say “a few things,” I’m thinking namely of the patio. We laid about a hundred bricks on it, and although it’s still not close to being done, it felt like it took a sudden and substantial leap forward.  We’re stopped right now because we have to cut some concrete and build up a step of sorts, but hopefully we’ll get to that this week so we can continue the good fight.

Also completed were a haircut for me (although I did it myself…) and we finished updating the pictures in the gallery walls. I’m really happy with how they turned out!  I do need to reconfigure the arrangement in the dining room, but that’s a project for another month. I don’t have my head around that yet.




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