Day One – Getting Things Done

I awoke yesterday morning to a strange and wondrous event.

Jude was asleep.

At this juncture, it is necessary to point out that I awoke at a regular time.  It’s not like I awoke at 3:30AM and he was asleep.  At which point I’d be fully expecting him to be asleep.  No, my alarm rang at a regular getting-up time and he was not already awake, pinching and pawing and digging at my stomach.

It was glorious!

Tahd woke up next to me at about the same time and we started our day with delightful adult conversation. Then I got up and got dressed, AND I had a cup of coffee.  You guys, I felt like a real live human!!!

“Someday!” I told Tahd.  “Someday we will start every day without little people’s instant demands and we will feel okay again!”  When that day comes, I know I will miss these days.  But right now–amidst the chaos and clutter and the eighty hundred incomplete tasks that have actually had me in tears over the past few weeks (<ahem>patio…I’m looking at you…)–it was a nice reminder that the crazy I feel isn’t part of my identity, but a transient part of this season.

Okay, maybe I’m a leeeetle crazy on my own.


October brings a giant blogosphere project where bloggers write for 31 days. I have tried to participate in the past and mostly succeeded.  I wasn’t planning to participate this year, though, due to the aforementioned crazy and lack of humanity I feel on a daily basis.  But yesterday I changed my mind.  I decided I’m going to do it.  Actually, I have two websites–this more personal blog as well as a site about motherhood over here–and I’m going to do it on both sites.

We can blame the crazy, right?  Tahd is totally going to kill me.

Here’s the deal–I do not promise to write everyday for 31 days straight.  I do promise to try. Over here, I’m writing about 31 Days of Getting Things Done.  Tahd and I are making a list of all the big and little half-done and undone projects fluttering around our house–the ones where our season of life has taken over and we’ve just never been able to find time to finish–and October is our month of Getting Things Done.


At my other site, my topic is being a more engaged mom.  More doing, less other stuff (like reading about, thinking about, planning for, getting sidetracked with, etc.).  You can follow along at either or both places.  I’d love to have you!


Here we go…

31 Days of Getting Things Done and 31 Days of Motherhood: Fully Engaged.  Yeehaw!

(Some of this introduction to the series was cross-posted at Loving Motherhood More, but I promise the two series are entirely different. Just the initial story that spurred me to action is the same.)

You can check back here to see each of the posts in this series:
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  1. Yay for getting things done! I feel that no matter what time of life we’re in, there will be something that makes it feel out of control and crazy and like your to-do list never becomes to-done. I am obviously in the same stage right now (although there are no children in my house yet), and I am blogging similarly– 31 days of getting my crap together! haha. Looking forward to making this journey! Best of luck!
    Alexandra´s last blog post ..31 Days is back!

    • Yours is one of the blogs I added to my reader to follow along with this month, and then I promptly fell behind on reading all my subscribed blogs! lol That’s what November is for, right? Thanks for stopping by!

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