Day Five – The Teeniest, Tiniest Bit of Progress


I had an epiphany this weekend.  I realized I’m trying to do two things–keep up with everything in the “Standard American Dream” as well as carve a simpler, more purposeful path.  This was a total face/palm moment.  I mean, what the heck?  How can one person subscribe to two entirely divergent philosophies at the same time?

I’ll tell you how…anxiety! 😉  Trying to do two opposing things at the same time is a perfect recipe for anxiety.  It’s also a perfect recipe for getting nothing done, since when I’m anxious I become inert.

Take Saturday night, for instance.  What I really wanted to do was hang out on the couch with Tahd and either read or watch a movie.  What did we do instead?  Spun my wheels, got anxious about the passing of time, accomplished dribs and drabs of small portions of little tasks, and felt irritated that I never get a chance to relax.  Martyr much?

I don’t relax much.  This is, perhaps, a valid problem.  I go from taking care of the kids all day to dinner chaos to bedtimes, at which point I spend the rest of 50% of my evenings working at an actual job. The other evenings, I try to get caught up on writing and random other projects.  A night of movie watching occasionally wouldn’t be unreasonable. Probably should have just shut off the computer and gave in to the urge!

I have gotten a bit done.  From my master list:

  • Picked out all the gallery photos, uploaded them to Shutterfly.  Will place the order later tonight or tomorrow.
  • Took down the old decor in the living room so I can paint and then decide what to hang instead.
  • Ordered photos for my nephew’s happy mail package

Nothing new on the patio, which was my big hope for the weekend.  I should take pictures of these things so I can document the progress.

Recipe for this week:

  1. not have crazy opposing expectations
  2. actually do something on the patio

    and maybe…

  3. quick finish off everything else…
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