I Want A Do-Over!

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Phew! What a week! This mama is ready for a reset!

We started the week in Nashville, where I said goodbye to my sister who moved nine hours away. Very sad panda. 🙁 The return trip went a little more easily than the trip south, thankfully. Have you ever tried to caravan 4 cars and a moving van through Chicago? Hint: even harder than it sounds! lol


I took a run the day after we came home and totally wiped out. Like, fell, flat on my front side. Just on the sidewalk, too! No tricky trail running here! This, perhaps, shouldn’t surprise me since I regularly clip my shoulders going through door frames. Really, it should surprise me I haven’t fallen while running before now! I caught my toe on a slightly elevated sidewalk square, and over I went! My hands, arms, and knee sport an attractive case of road rash, but thankfully it didn’t get any worse, notwithstanding the rip in my favorite–and now discontinued–pair of leggings.  Boo!


In Nashville, a tooth started hurting, so I visited an endodontist. He took these fancy 3-d xrays and could see that yes, in fact, I had a tooth abscess. A tooth infection in a tooth that had already had a root canal, at that. I saddled up for a unexpected repeat round of tooth excavation and left feeling pretty numb and pretty good!

Ah, anesthesia, what a lovely thing you are!

By the middle of the night last night, however, neither “numbness” nor “goodness” described my state. Even though I’d taken pain pills around 11:00, by 2 AM the pain wracked me almost as badly as it wracked me when I was in labor with Jude. I’m not joking. At one point I actually found myself wistful for his labor because at least I got 1-3 minute breaks throughout the whole thing. This was just constant pain and throbbing. The whole side of my face was on fire! I could feel it moving up into my cheekbones and down by my ear, and I just wanted to crawl into a comfy hole and pummel my tooth out with a hammer. The stuff of lullabies, no?

Around 6 AM I took another round of antibiotics and pain pills and added some steroids to the mix. Ah, sweet rest!

Fun fact I learned–did you know if a person has nausea, a new study revealed that sniffing a swab of rubbing alcohol can often relieve it? Lucky me, I tested it out (mostly successfully) several times in the wee hours of the morning. I’ve taken all of these medications before, but for some reason, the Augmentin really did a number on my stomach, and by mid-morning I was losing my breakfast in the sink.  Ugh.

The best news, although I hesitate to call it that yet since it remains to be seen, is that after a hazy mid-morning nap, I woke up to less swelling and much less pain, a trend which has continued all day. The nights definitely seem to be the worst, so let’s reserve judgment until Friday morning, shall we? But here’s to hoping things are finally on the upswing!

Any takers for a do-over week? I could really use one!

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