Our Merry Christmas House!

Apparently the thing to do on Monday is to post pictures of your house’s Christmas decor, and since I worked HARD (i.e. had a lot of giant anxiety attacks) on our Christmas decor this year, it feels like a hard-fought victory to share it.  We’ll leave the post about how panicking over Christmas decorations is slightly insane until the holidays have ended and I have fewer things over which I can obsess, k?  😉

I have a lovely friend, F, who can decorate in her sleep.  Seriously – she’s gifted.  She came to my house this fall and helped me reorganize things to make my decor look more cohesive.  She did not, however, come to my house to prepare for Christmas.  So it’s a smidge disjointed.  But it’s ok.  There are things I love and things that are completely out of place, but the one thing that makes me smile is that everywhere I look I see things that mean something to me.  And that makes it all worthwhile, even if some off it isn’t quite right.

If you walk into my home, this is the first thing by which you’ll be greeted:

Just a little compilation of holiday doodads.  I made the wreath hanging on the window and threw the extra ornaments in a metal tray on the table.

A closer shot…

I love the ornaments in the apothecary jar.  They’re from Crate & Barrel and I usually hang them over my piano.  But I went a different direction in my dining room this year, so I spread out these glittery metal ornaments.

My mantle is my most favorite spot this year.  I started with the chalkboard – an idea which I borrowed from Pure & Lovely – and went from there.  I wasn’t going to hang our stockings on the mantle this year, but Gabe insisted so I obliged.  I think we’re going to add a fourth stocking for Mara.  🙂  Gabe has a stocking that matches our stockings, but he built a bear this year and they gave him a free stocking, so he wants to use that instead.  He hasn’t realized yet that it’s smaller, and I haven’t felt compelled to tell him! lol

In this picture you can see the small garden angel my sisters and brothers-in-law gave us when Mara died.  It can’t stay outside during the winter, so I brought it inside.  I think angels are Christmas-y, so she made her way to the mantle.

Here’s a closer shot.  It just makes me happy!  It’s a little random but very textural.  The gold mesh stuff is from Crate & Barrel.  I had to fight them to sell it to me because it was their last one and it was on display.  Totally worth it, though!  And less than $10.

A bookshelf in our living room.  I just threw a few goldish things on the table.  I found a bag of  jingle bells in a random crate while I was looking for some old candles, and I thought they might look nice scattered on a table.  If I had littler people around much they wouldn’t be practical, but Gabe leaves them alone mostly and I think they’re fun.

My piano.  The piano distresses me – not just at Christmas.  When my friend came to help me decorate with fall stuff, she put the old window, gold frame, and silver frame in the back.  I liked it and felt like I didn’t want to figure out what to do differently for Christmas.  So I just removed the fall stuff in front of those things and switched them out to Christmas things.

I think I only purchased 2 new Christmas things this year – the gold mesh thing on the mantle and the silver balls on the candlesticks on the piano.  They were from TJMaxx and I love, love, love them. I’m a big fan of shiny.  Or glittery.  Or shiny AND glittery.  These are mercury glass ornaments, and I think they are very festive and elegant.

I have a thing for sticks.  Lucky for me, we’ve had several wind storms this year which have knocked a number of branches out of the trees in front of my house.  I had no plans to do this, but when I was walking on the sidewalk one day I saw this branch and later told Tahd I wanted him to nab it for me.  I stuffed it in an old milk jug filled with rice and hung some cheapo plastic snowflakes on it.  I know it won’t amuse everyone, but I think it’s fun and I love how it provides some height in my dining room.

A closer shot of the mantle.  I took m picture frames off the mantle and wanted to make sure I had a place for them during the holidays.  So they got moved to the piano.

One of my favorite Christmas decorations – and a splurge!  I got these Christmas balls from Land of Nod last year.  They’re the Twelve Days of Christmas balls, and they’re so unique!  Last year we just hung them on the tree, but this year I wanted to hang them all together.  I put them in an old metal bucket (I had to use some books to prop it up higher) and then ran my garland around the base of the metal tree so it looked like the bucket was filled with garland.  I let the garland spill over onto the piano.  There are lights in the garland, but I forgot to turn them on.

Our advent calendar.  I think it’s two years old?  It was inspired by either Pottery Barn or Land of Nod – I can’t remember.  We made them at MOPS for a fraction of the cost.  It’s entirely made out of felt and we used felt glue to adhere the pockets.    It was one of my favorite MOPS craft projects!

This is the landing of our stairwell.  I wanted something festive there but didn’t want to purchase anything new. Somewhere along the way I saw that someone had made a “Christmas tree” out of a tomato cage and thought I’d give it a try.  I wired the top together so it formed a cone shape and then Gabe and I hung some random Christmas balls on the rungs.  I threw a plant under the base and called it a day.  I’m not sure about this.  It’s fun and festive, but I’m not entirely sure it works.  But I’m leaving it anyway.

The little snowman print is a craft project Gabe and I did together at an art class he did.  The snowman was made out of his footprint.

We have a little table in our kitchen, and I had no clue what to put on it.  Not sure I love this, but again, it’s staying for now.  I used an old tool box of Tahd’s and filled it with nuts.  Then I had a few hurricanes and filled them with epsom salts and tied some twine around the outsides.  It all looked a little bland, so I found some red shiny fake berry-type things I had purchased at Hobby Lobby last year and cut apart, so I stuck those into some of the random spaces.  I like the idea, but the rest of my kitchen is pretty neutral so I think these “pops” of red are out of place.  But it’s fun and festive and I love using epsom salts!

A little spot on our desk.  Tahd got this scale for free at a yard sale.  I made the “keep calm” picture because I had one for Thanksgiving and wanted to continue the trend for Christmas.  I need all the “keep calm” vibes I can get!

This picture didn’t work out very well.  It’s extremely overexposed and I tried to fix it but the fix didn’t work super well.  I had to show it, though, because it makes me smile.  The funny ceramic angels are things my grandparents painted together.  My grandma painted the girl angel and my grandpa painted the boy angel.  Everyone in my family giggled over all the knick knacks my grandmother had (and refused to get rid of – these angels have been glued together multiple times!) – but I just love having these angels!   They’re one of my favorite things, and I think they work really well as Christmas decorations!  There’s a small gingerbread man cookie cutter beside them. My grandmother was famous for her gingerbread men cookies, and this is one of her cookie cutters.

The only other festive thing on the shelf is my Rudolph record that I found a Goodwill for $0.50.  I just shoved it up there because I didn’t know where else to put it!

So that’s our house!  No picture of our tree yet – I need to get on that!  But I had these things done before we had our tree decorated, so these are ready first.

I’m linking up with The Nester and Kelly’s Korner.  Hope you play along, too!

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