At last count, I read some insane number of blogs – around 150. And some of them are so, so good that I only think it’s fair to share the wealth! Here are some of the highlights, broken up into categories to make them much more manageable. Many could fit into several categories, but I did my best. If you have any suggestions for additions, please email me at slightlycosmopolitan at gmail dot com.

Must Reads – When these blogs have updates, the deck gets cleared because they must. get. read. now.

  • { A }The Ali Edwards blogs about her own scrapbooking experiences.
  • Do I Really Need a Blog? – This is my husband, Tahd’s blog. I’m the only person he permits to read it, but I’m hoping if he gets deluged with activation requests that he’ll finally relent and make it public. So please. Sign up. Signing up more than once is even better. He’s a great writer, and I think he’s kinda cute, too.
  • Enjoying the Small Things
  • Finding My Feet
  • Ohdeedoh – I save practically every post from this blog. A division of the popular Apartment Therapy, this blog focuses on children – their rooms, their fashions, their projects, and their interests, all from a sophisticated, more-classic-than-plastic perspective.
  • The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Another yum! And engaging, too.
  • The Pleated Poppy
  • Unclutterer – I think this blog has great tips. I’m constantly battling my clutter, and this blog inspires me to do better.

Medical/Health Blogs

  • At Your Cervix – A completely fascinating read about a labor-and-delivery nurse who is going back to school to become a midwife.
  • Doctor Mama – A doctor/runner blogs about life and work.
  • Ob/Gyn Kenobi – Ditto Neonatal Doc.

Blogs Related to Fertility

  • Dr. Liccardi’s Infertility Blog – One of my favorite fertility blogs. Dr. Liccardi is a reproductive endocrinologist – code for fertility specialist. He writes articles about issues related to infertility, and readers write in with questions he periodically answers. The information is technical without being too technical, and extremely useful.
  • Advanced Fertility Center Blog – This is the blog of my fertility doctor, Dr. Sherbahn.  He doesn’t write often but I found him to be one of the most well-researched people I had ever met.
  • Renovation Girl – I’ve gotten to know Renovation Girl a bit through her blog, and I’m holding out all hope they have their next baby soon!

Fantastic, Compelling, or Otherwise Entertaining Reads


  • Becky’s Blog
  • Grey Likes Baby
  • Honest to Nod
  • Moosh in Indy – In my opinion, this is such a great all-around blog. I really relate to it on a few levels. This mom blogs about living her own life, parenting her daughter who happens to be close to Gabe’s age, and struggling with infertility.
  • Ordinary Courage
  • Simple Mom