There’s an old wives tale that says, “Gain a child, lose a tooth.” Pleasant, right?  Apparently, it’s supposedly not true, but since I’m currently in the middle of dental drama and have had dental issues after each pregnancy, I’ve decided it’s true.  I go for my cleanings and everything, but at some point during pregnancy I actually feel my teeth getting sad and weak and know that I’m doomed to spend several hours in the dreaded chair after the baby’s born.

Except this time, it’s more like four teeth.  So we’re sort of in dental triage mode right now.  A few crowns, maybe a root canal, and a few fillings and I should be good to go.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my dentist.  He’s amazing.  When he gives me a needle to numb me up, I almost never feel it.  He’s really good.  It’s just my teeth I’m not fond of, I guess?   And drilling.  I’m not a fan of the drilling.

I had the first crown placed last week, and since then, Isla has been obsessed with the dentist.  They gave her a pair of gloves, which was cute at first except she takes them off all the time and do you know how hard it is to put a pair of giant rubber gloves on small hands a zillion times a day?  She’s also managed to scoff a dental mouth mirror and a few paper bibs, and she found one of Tahd’s headlamps, which she wears as a light to better see the teeth.

The piece de resistance came when she found a decorative chipboard crown we used at Jude’s birthday party (more on that later).

Can you see where this is going?



Yep, she lays out her animals and friends and installs the crown in their mouths, too.

She makes me laugh!

November Goals


I kept track of monthly (or maybe weekly??) goals a while back, and I’ve been thinking I wanted to try it again.  I’m already starting a little behind since it’s the 6th of November, but I figure I still have 25 days to make progress, so I’m giving it a shot!  A blogger I read hashtags her monthly instagram photo of her goals with #makeitpublicmakeithappen, and I think there’s something to that!

Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish in November:

1.  Kick off monthly newsletter on Loving Motherhood More

2.  Plan and host two kiddo birthday parties

3.  Create 2015 planning pages

4.  Flip-flop the kids’ rooms

5.  Paint the %#^) dresser mirror (finally…after almost 3 years)

6.  Buy ALL THE THINGS for Christmas (maybe not ALL the things, but most of them)

Who can believe it’s NOVEMBER already?  Yikes!  For sure, it’s my most favorite time of the year, but yikes.  Gotta hustle!

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Because 78 New Books Makes Me Smile

Want to hear my dirty little secret?

I love books.  Like, love them.  Family members asked me for a Christmas list, and as I made it, I realized I’d be totally thrilled if the only things I got off the list were the books.

I guess it’s not that dirty a secret.  The part I feel guilty about is that I don’t seem to have time to read all the books I’ve bought, and yet I still ask for more!  I keep adding them to my list of “Someday,” and each time I get to crack the next one I’m so excited.  I’m currently working on at least six books, and I have been for some time.  I make faster progress when they’re e-books because I can read them in more settings (i.e. at night with the lights off), but I also think there’s nothing like the feel of pages between your fingers.  Pros and cons, I guess.

I came across this amazing bundle of books and (of course) snapped it up.  Because, hello!  There are 78 books in it for $34.95.  Granted, I’ve just now exploded my “To-Read” list for the next six years, but I’m okay with it because I’m super excited about several of the titles.

The bundle contains books in categories like business and finance, Christian living, devotional books, books for kids, marriage, parenting, and evangelism, as well as a classic collection of Christian standards, including authors like Spurgeon, John Wesley, D.L. Moody, and John Bunyan (it’s Pilgrim’s Progress by him, which I’ve never read…please tell me I’m not the only one to have never read such a classic?).


The first book I want to jump into is Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s devotional, The Quiet Place.  It’s a daily year-long devotional that contains short, 1-page thoughts, a length that seems totally attainable to me.


Teaching Your Child How to Pray is also one of the books I’ll be starting sooner rather than later.  On Loving Motherhood More, I mentioned how handling issues of faith with my kids overwhelms me.  Growing up in a pastor’s family, faith so deeply permeated my surroundings that it was nearly second nature.  Now that I’m raising my own kids, I’ve realized it’s hard to address these issues (and address them authentically) when your family’s day-to-day life doesn’t center around church functions.

On that note, there’s an awesome book in the bundle called Christmas Celebrations by Kerry Beck that provides a road map for how to engage children with the truths of Thanksgiving and Advent in meaningful ways.  My upbringing was not liturgical, although Tahd’s was, and I love learning more about some of the traditional, historical aspects of the season and teaching their significance to my kids.


In the non-parenting vein, the first book on my list is Extraordinary Grace, by Gary Chapman and Chris Fabry.  The subject of the book is described by saying, “God is not looking for perfect people. He’s looking for those who need his extraordinary grace. In this encouraging book, Dr. Gary Chapman and Chris Fabry explore the lives of people who abandoned themselves to the love and mercy of God.  God is ready to forgive, restore, and give an abundant life.  He wants to showcase His mercy and love through you.”  Doesn’t that just sound lovely?  It’s easy for me to be spartan about grace, but that’s not the choice I want to make.

If you’re interested in seeing what else the bundle contains, you can get more information here.  There’s “salesy” stuff at the top, but if you scroll down, you’ll see the full list of categories and can click on them to see which titles are included.

Here’s a quick summary of the pertinent details from the Ultimate Bundles Website:

When? 8 a.m. (EST) Wednesday, November 5 until 11:59 p.m. (EST) Monday, November 10 (or until 18,500 bundles are sold)

What? <” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>75 eBooks plus eCourses and more, PLUS over $160 worth of bonus products you’ll really use!

Where? Purchase the bundle HERE.

How much? Well now, that’s the best part. The entire package is worth over $1,140, and it’s yours for as little as $34.95. Sweet deal, right?

When you’re ready, you can either buy here directly, or right through the website. It’s fast and easy, and you’ll have your bundle sent to you via email within minutes.

Click here for more info or to buy now.

Remember, this bundle is available for 6 days only, from 8 a.m. (EST) on Wednesday, November 5th to 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, November 10th (or until 18,500 bundles are sold).

Affiliate links are included in this post, but only because I’m excited about this collection of books and want to share it with you. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

A Little Dinner Story


Thursday night, I made this potato soup for dinner, except I added a cup or two of cheddar cheese at the very end.  It’s killer – cheap and so very tasty!  You should make it!

I usually plate our food in the kitchen and bring it to the table.  I ladled the least amount of soup into Gabe’s bowl, a medium amount of soup in Isla’s bowl, and the most amount of soup in Jude’s bowl.

Guess what happened?

After a tremendous amount of whining, complaining, and general grumbling, Gabe ate all the soup in his bowl.  It was exclusively motivated by a desire to have dessert.

Isla tooled around, avoiding dinner, until I finally pulled her onto my lap and spooned about 10 bites of soup into her mouth.

Jude?  Well, itty bitty Jude ate his entire bowl of soup and cleaned up Isla’s leftovers.  I’m pretty sure he had a piece of bread, too.

That kid is an eating machine!


The emails have started trickling in again…

I have to travel to ____ next month.

Do we have anything scheduled the first week of ____?

Which days would you rather I be gone – x or y?

They tell me Tahd’s busy travel season is upon us again, and I feel like groaning a little bit on the inside.  I love that my husband is a hard worker, and I love that my husband loves the work he does.  I especially love the opportunities his job has afforded us, namely, the chance to tag along to some locations we otherwise wouldn’t have visited.

I think it’s mostly Jude’s sleep that keeps me feeling super anxious.  His daytime sleep is hit-or-miss, and I wake up with a little anxiety every morning thinking about what the day is going to hold.  Most days hold a lot of crying.  You’d think I’d be used to it after almost a year, but I’m just not, and being the only adult around for it is crazy-making for me.  Take today, for instance, when I texted Tahd the totally calm and realistic statement that I was in the second level of hell.  Sometimes, I wonder what it must be like to be Tahd and get my random, melodramatic texts.  Entertaining, perhaps?  Anyway, Jude’s better than he was, for sure, but neither of the other two were quite this needy and I’m tired.

Speaking of tired, I’m just plain old tired from limited sleep, too.  Sunday night was particularly short, and Jude didn’t really sleep during the day on Monday so I couldn’t catch a nap.  Last night was only moderate and Jude didn’t sleep much again today, so I got to this afternoon completely exhausted – as in I could hardly hold my eyes open on the way home from school pickup.

When we got home, I set out to finish dinner preparations, a squash-based macaroni and cheese with baked sweet potato sticks.  I slid everything into its respective pots or pans and asked Tahd if he’d be willing to wake up up when the timer rang so I could catch 10 or 15 minutes of shut-eye.  I snuck upstairs and promptly fell asleep, only to awaken to the smell of overdone sweet potatoes.  Rushing down the stairs, I found that instead of 10 minutes it had been 30, and although he’d sweetly thought he would finish dinner for me and let me sleep, he didn’t know that I had altered the sauce recipe and intended to finish it when I came down and didn’t realize I had anything in the oven – hence it burned.

There it was – my whole dinner.  A disaster!  I wanted to cry.  And because I’m easily angered when I’m tired, I also wanted to be mean.  Thankfully, the years have taught me some measure of maturity, and instead, I clamped my mouth shut as tight as I could so I’d avoid saying things I’d regret and set to work making dinner…again.

So that was my day – not exactly the most successful, but we made it (and I wasn’t mean) and some days, that’s enough.  Today, it was for sure.

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