Win of the Week


I don’t have any photos this week because I’m behind in downloading them from my camera.  There are currently 12.5 gb sitting there waiting to be processed.  That should be easy and won’t take any time at all…


This week’s motherhood win is small but mighty.  Isla has gone from being a very eager eater to being a very picky eater.  Even though she generally refuses every healthy thing we offer (with the exception of apples), I keep offering.  This week, she ate some cucumber, carrots, and a little quinoa!  Two thumbs up for continued offering, even though it usually feels like an exercise in futility.

Little or big, as a mom or just as a woman in general, what was your win for the week?


i watched this sweet video and it made me think about my dreams, what i’ll be looking back on when i’m 93 and say “i look back and i really did have a good life.”

maybe the dreams are…

to learn to play the violin

to see a baby be born

to see my daughter in a wedding dress

to move to a house on more land and have a garden, a play house, and a pool

to take my children to europe

to go to tuscany with tahd

to give extravagantly

to publish a book

to see my grown children with full hearts

to snuggle grandbabies

to stand on my head in yoga

to be old and in love

maybe all of these?  maybe different things i haven’t even imagined yet. i want to be 93 and  smile and say the same thing – that i look back and i really did have a good life – and feel the joy of every one of those experiences vibrating at my very core.

On Spontaneous Adventures


Good work was done today, my friends.  Really good work that involved marrow sucking and having fun and adventures and photos and wrangling all three kids in public on little naps.  Granted, there was also entirely too much money spent, a lost ring, and a dropped Daisy Duck, but WE DID IT and we had a great time!

Side note…I had a cup of coffee this morning, something I never do.  Is it a coincidence that I had magical powers of patience, excitement, and joy today?  Or is it the coffee?  It’s certainly not the sleep, something I got very little of last night while sharing a bed with a two-year-old and a seven-month-old while my husband and nine-year-old calmly shared a bed two feet from me.

Not bitter.

It went so well that I plotted a plan, a plan that involves extending our little trip an extra night or two and traveling to a new and far-off (i.e. pretty close) location.  Be spontaneous! the inner Type B voices cheered.  Live the adventure!  Take a chance!  So I followed my Type A personality down the Google path and started searching for and analyzing options.

Perhaps you notice the problem there, the one in which I followed my Type B whims by engaging my Type A plans.

Apparently, being more Type A doesn’t actually enable Type B to thrive.  Type A might tell Type B that she’ll “just take care of a few details so Type B can have more fun,” but it’s all a ruse in order to wrestle the reins back from Type B so she can restore appropriate order to the chaos and risk that once loomed large.  That Type A, she’s a trickster!

I followed that up with the equally logical step of asking my even-more-Type-A-than-me husband what he thought we should do about changing up our plans on a whim.

Because, yeah.

As it stands right now, I’m living on the edge and I have no idea where we’ll be in 24 hours.  Could be home, could be here, could be in Argentina.  Who knows?  I’m pulling for Kansas City, though.  Or maybe home.  But mostly Kansas City.

My Type A problems in the way of getting there include…

1) no clean laundry
2) no hotel reservations
3) no idea what we’d do when we got there
4) super long ride home on Saturday or Sunday

The Type B Me hopes we’ll splurge on a fun hotel downtown and enjoy the city life for just a little while and then come home.  It sounds perfect in my head.

Hoping that Tahd would get excited about whims and changes is sort of like asking Jude to cook dinner or a fish to climb a tree, because in addition to not living on things like whims and prayers, he just generally doesn’t get too excited.  The fact that I came away from this conversation feeling a little defeated should not come as a surprise to me.  I realized afterward that if I wanted someone to encourage my wild hair, I was asking the wrong person.  He’ll happily go along with me if that’s what I decide we should do, but he certainly won’t add fuel to that fire.

So instead, I’m asking you some all-too-important questions…

Should we go to Kansas on a whim or come home like the responsible adults we’re supposed to be?
Are you more Type A or Type B?
Have you ever taken a spontaneous adventure?

The Week of Red Lipstick


photo (1)

I declare this to be the week of…

red lipstick and flip flops


bunny trails and side trips

photos of beautiful things


rolling with the punches

going out to eat

not making the beds

and making it work.

I declare this week will be a good week, not because I know the future, but because I’m determined to find the marrow and suck it dry.

Win of The Week


It’s time for the Win of the Week, a chance to celebrate a {big or little} success of life that might otherwise get buried under the day-to-day grind of life.  This is a post in which I share one mothering moment from the week that makes me happy – a moment that makes me smile, a moment of which I’m proud, a moment that was challenged me and yet I endured, or something else I want to remember.  I hope you’ll take a moment to think back over your week and take note of your own personal win, too.  If you do, share it in the comments so we can cheer you on!

Gabe was invited to attend a birthday party today, and in typical fashion, we swung by Target to by the gift on our way to the party.  My parents had taken the little people so we could do a few errands while we dropped him off, so it was just the three of us, like “old times.”  We chatted on the way to the store, and when we all got out to walk up to the store, Gabe spontaneously grabbed our hands.  I don’t remember what we were joking about, but the hand holding was just like when he was little and needed the safe guidance of our hands through the parking lot.  He kept holding my hand all the way to the store and in through the initial aisles.  I stopped to pick up a few snacks and reluctantly let his hand go because I knew he probably wouldn’t spontaneously reach for my hand again today.

I miss those days.  They seemed like they’d never end when we were in them, but in retrospect, they went much faster than I realized.  Today’s reminder made me smile.

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